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  1. [xubuntu] Re: Xfce "Weather Update" plugin very inaccurate. Any alternatives?

    I'm having the same problem, but I think those offering help don't quite understand. The problem is with the reporting of current temperature and conditions, NOT the forecast. I work in Arlington...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Upgrade to Karmic appears to break NFS exports

    OK, I'm an idiot. ;)

    It has been so long since I've done anything to my firewall that I forgot to look at that. Names of my machines have changed, which needed to be changed via Firestarter. I...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Upgrade to Karmic appears to break NFS exports

    Some more information...

    I tried the mount command again, but let it go on for over a minute. Eventually it came back with "mount.nfs: mount system call failed".

    Now dmesg gives me: rpcbind:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Notes to Myself as I Learn Linux

    I've been doing this for quite some time using KeepNote ( Not only is it useful for notes to myself, but it is also a great program for storing tips and tricks from...
  5. [SOLVED] Upgrade to Karmic appears to break NFS exports

    I've spent the last two days googling for answers, but haven't been able to find any solutions related to my situation (though there appear to be related questions).

    I have four PCs, all running...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: USB KVM Switch causing X to crash with 2.6.27-11 Kernel

    I've had the same problem since I updated to 8.10 (64-bit desktop). X crashes about 3 out of 4 times when I switch to my Ubuntu box using a Bi-System DVI/USB KVM switch. The same switch worked...
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