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  1. [all variants] Retrieve Windows 7 product key from non-working installation


    I'm trying to find a way to retrieve the Windows 7 Product Key from another partition on my computer.

    I really only use windows to play MMOs, but an attempt to install ie9 has completely...
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    Re: HOW TO:Install Handbrake SVN in Ubuntu 9.10

    I added this, but "sudo apt-get install handbrake" fails with:

    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    Package handbrake is not...
  3. Re: Social Media's corporate strategic potential

    This may help...
  4. Re: Interesting deconstruction of new Ubuntu branding

    I occasionally browse to that blog, I really liked the multi-parter he had going there!

    Looking at it (the theme et al..) I see what he is talking about, and I wish I was in any way competant to...
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    Re: Name for Ubuntu 10.10 MIGHTY MANX!!

    shouldn't that be "Mickied Mouse"?
  6. [all variants] Re: Evolution & Thunderbird ... transportable settings?

    I have mine set up so evolution reads/writes to my home network's server.

    just symlink the ~/.evolution folder to one on your SD-card.
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    Re: Name for Ubuntu 10.10 MIGHTY MANX!!

    How about...

    Magical Moose?

    nah... probably not...
  8. Re: Lost warranty/support because of installing Linux based OS

    When I bought laptops for my kids to use at school last christmas, I asked them when I bought them what would be the effect of installing linux on the warranty.

    They told me flat out that they...
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    Re: playing now

    new young pony club - the bomb
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sibelius 3 under Wine (Jaunty)

    I haven't had much experience with wine myself, but some things just seem to work a bit better when you copy the files off the CD first to a folder, and then do the installation.

    Wine's CD...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Xorg/HDMI display anomalies with LCD TV


    Same thing here... but I'm not sure it's a driver issue.

    Your overscanning can be helped somewhat by going into your tv's menus and having it autotune to the signal. that worked better for...
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    Re: You know you are a stupid computer user when...

    I remember working as a tech support for apple and having a lady call in, in tears, because she couldn't figure out why her keyboard was only typing numbers instead of letters (She turned on the...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: is ubuntu only able to use 500gb on one drive?

    Windows has an annoying habit of only showing the disk space of the / partition under samba...

    My 1TB drives always say 13.x GB free (or no free space is given)

    This is due to the SMB spec as...
  14. Thread: CAE in Ubuntu?

    by gspat

    [ubuntu] Re: CAE in Ubuntu?

    I've heard good things about opencascade, but I haven't used it.
  15. removing startup programs / drivers on a windows machine using ubuntu liveCD

    Is there a way to remove a startup program or video driver on a windows partition using the LiveCD? Do I have to do some registry editing to make it work?

    I'm fixing a computer for my cousin, and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: easiest/ safest way to install with 7

    use disk manager to resize the HDD to make room for the partitions you want to make

    create at least a partition for the swap and 1 partition for ubuntu itself (/), with preferably one more for...
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    Re: vista internet explorer

    you should probably install the newest version of the driver since the old one is gone... then things will look "normal" again and it might solve the problem. Also, you could check msconfig and see...
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    Poll: Re: Chuck Norris a Linux fan ?

    Actually with Chuck Norris in our corner, the kernal would never have to panic again!;):biggrin:
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    [all variants] Re: USB harddrive on wireless router -- howto?

    I have the D-Link DR-655 router with the same shareport thing...

    I had been hoping to use it to share a printer across the network. The long and short of it is that no, nothing will work with it...
  20. Re: What would you do to make money if you were Canonical?

    I think it has to do with them being too cheap to upgrade their equipment to allow for decent bandwidth... and they are scared of users uploading ANYTHING out onto the 'net
  21. Re: What would you do to make money if you were Canonical?

    That makes money for System76, but how would canonical make money off it? Any kickbacks from that would be seen as selling the OS and be frowned upon, wouldn't they?

    (Although I do think it's a...
  22. What would you do to make money if you were Canonical?

    Besides venture capital, paid support, Ubuntu One and the Yahoo! search initiative, what ideas would you try if you were in charge of Canonical as strategies to generate money?

    My idea would be...
  23. Re: How far can your computer run?

    whoo hoo!!!

    glen@glen-desktop:~/Downloads/QuantZ$ echo `uptime|grep days|sed 's/.*up \([0-9]*\) day.*/\1\/10+/'; cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep '^cpu MHz'|awk '{print $4"/30 +";}';free|grep '^Mem'|awk...
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    Re: I want a fully functioning uPad!

    Apple's iPad was such a letdown when i saw the write ups & reviews... I was really hoping for a full fledged mac, but instead we get a iphone/ipod that's been sucking the teat for too long...

  25. [ubuntu] Re: Anyone installed Ubuntu on a HP t5325-thin client? Marvell ARM-prosessor

    It would probably be best to contact HP directly to see if it will do what you want it to...

    looking at the specs, the best resolution SEEMS to be 1024x768, but I am probably wrong.
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