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    Re: Why Not Linux

    My take: If you can do what you want to do with your current platform and there's nothing compelling driving you to change, then don't change. Life on the other platforms is just about the same.
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Google Drive Integration extremely slow/unstable

    FWIW, I set up a Win10 machine yesterday and installed the official Drive app. Initial population -- the downloading -- of the local directory and contents was terribly slow. So slow, in fact,...
  3. Re: Ubuntu freezes completely when it starts to swap

    Is this only happening with one particular application?
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    Re: Ubuntu 16.04 v Ubuntu Mate 16.04

    The only sure way to know is to measure memory and CPU use before and after on a specific machine, using an identical configuration, same services, and set of applications. If I was doing it, I...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Is there a clean theme at all?

    I've found themes added via Get New Themes may not show in the list until the Settings tool is restarted. Some may not show at all. My guess is that not all old KDE4 themes are compatible with...
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    Re: Burning a .EXE file with Ubuntu

    In my experience, Win7's install image lacks, at least, network drivers for hardware that's newer than it is. It will install per normal, but you'll have no network on the reboot, and no way of...
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    Re: Burning a .EXE file with Ubuntu

    Are you sure you need to "burn" this file rather than simply copy it?

    Burning is not a file copying procedure. The file system is not involved. The process copies X bytes from one device to...
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    Re: When will Flash begone?

    It isn't the Flash plugins that are keeping Flash alive. It's content producers using Flash. My assumption is that Adobe is contracted to support Flash for X years with some number of content...
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    [UbuntuGnome] Re: How to install Zukitre shell

    Just in case, you need to put the folder containing the theme files in ~/.themes. Gnome Shell needs to be restarted to be aware of new themes. Log out and in, or alt-f2, enter an 'r', press return.
  10. [UbuntuGnome] Re: Gnome shell not respecting icon theme

    Arc's developer says the Arc icon theme does not "provide application icons, it needs another icon theme to inherit them". By default, this is the Moka icon theme. If that's not installed, Gnome's...
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    Re: Replacing processor?

    No doubt there's someone selling bare Intel processors, but everyone I've see and/or purchased has a fan. CPU's need fans for temperature control.

    To start your search, check your motherboard...
  12. Re: Windows 10 will be the last Windows bc MS's next operating sys will be a linux fo

    Windows will be around as long as the x86 PC architecture is around. That architecture was standardized to run DOS and then Windows.

    The threat to Windows is not Linux but the increasing...
  13. Re: Warning: Microsoft Signature PC program now requires that you can't run Linux.

    The changes are happening because hardware capabilities enable them, not because of anything Microsoft has done or will do, or, in fact, to any software changes at all. We have phones and tablets...
  14. Re: Warning: Microsoft Signature PC program now requires that you can't run Linux.

    That's essentially a condensed version of my comment.

    Why would a hardware vendor deliberately make PC's that can't run Windows? That's suicidal. Vendors will have every reason to continue...
  15. Re: Warning: Microsoft Signature PC program now requires that you can't run Linux.

    Yes, it's a Lenovo product. Yes, Linux is installable. The original reporting that prompted all this was inaccurate and then hyped by kneejerk Microsoft bashing.

    The standard PC architecture,...
  16. Re: Warning: Microsoft Signature PC program now requires that you can't run Linux.

    "PC standards" are whatever PC vendors decide they are.

    There's more profit in closed throw-away devices like phones and tablets than in PC's. Whatever Microsoft's faults, it's the continued...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Fonts corrupted in 16.04 by adding more fonts.

    The fontconfig program, broadly speaking, controls font selection and use, if a program honors it. (I'm not sure how LibreOffice deals with it.)

    Fonts, of course, need to be installed before they...
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    Re: I think Ubuntu is killing my hard drive

    I'm not sure what the OP means by "hard drive needle". But, the Linux kernel uses a memory allocation algorithm that sees it attempt to retain code in RAM once it is read from a drive. (So does the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: adobe flash blocking prompts

    You ought to start a new thread with that mksub question, since it's effectively hidden at the end of your old Flash thread.

    Meanwhile, double check that you have correctly installed mksub's PPA. ...
  20. Re: What country would you move to if you had to?

    Any place with deciduous (aka leaves fall off annually) trees ought to show at least a bit of autumnal color.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Okay, so I'm dumb... but how do I --

    The file you downloaded will be in the folder your browser uses as its default download folder.

    The file cannot be executed ("run"). It's in the format used in the industry for installation of...
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    Re: What software is sending the email

    Is WP actually sending mail? Or are you asking how to get it to send mail without using phpmail?

    If you want to send mail, as Fu mentioned, you'll need to set up something to do that and tell WP...
  23. Re: What country would you move to if you had to?

    The thing about summer in Scotland is that it is not winter in Scotland. I've never been much of a winter person.
  24. Re: What country would you move to if you had to?

    Summer in Scotland, winter in the British Virgin Islands.
  25. Re: What happened to Ubuntu website homepage?

    Looks the same here.

    Network problems that prevent complete download of every component of the page, especially the CSS styling info, can trigger the browser to display the page as plain text.
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