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  1. Re: LXAppearance2 - The most powerful Gnome-free GTK+ theme selector

    Now we've got support for Openbox integration as an optional plugin.
    Full blog post:

  2. Re: LXAppearance2 - The most powerful Gnome-free GTK+ theme selector

    Thanks. This has been done about three minutes ago. Please update from git to get it.
  3. Re: LXAppearance2 - The most powerful Gnome-free GTK+ theme selector

    If you edited gtkrc.mine file to set your icon theme, then things won't work. Your customized values will overwrite what's set by lxappearance in .gtkrc-2.0.

    Please try it again. I rewrote every...
  4. LXAppearance2 - The most powerful Gnome-free GTK+ theme selector

    In gnome, you can change the look and feel by using the gnome-appearance-properties. However, if you want to do the same outside gnome, the options are editing gtkrc-2.0 file manually or to use a gtk...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Lucid: Nautilus struggling with large directories

    You assumption is not correct.
    Nautilus and gvfs does load most attributes. PCManFM doesn't. It only does the I/O required. Testing /usr/bin is an extreme case. This is limited due to the design of...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Lucid: Nautilus struggling with large directories

    The issue was fixed in the latest releases of PCManFM.
    If you are suffereing from speed problem and haven't find a good enough solution, try PCManFM 0.9.7.

    This is...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Problem with PCMan File Manager and File Browser

    It's already packaged for Ubuntu in Lubuntu ppa.

    The latest 0.9.7 just came out last night.
    More detail and HOWTO:
  8. Replies

    Re: What is the point of Lubuntu?

    Most of the code in LXDE is written by its developers. Only the task manager is ported from XFCE. The file manager uses exo-icon-view.c take from libexo of XFCE4 and that all. All of these pieces of...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Lubuntu IS GREAT!!!

    Maybe you haven't tried the file manager. We have full gvfs support now and still kept the original performance. :-) I know that in the next release xfce 4.8 will have it, too. It's not all about RAM...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't Automount USB Drive - LXDE Only Installed

    I suspected that it's a ubuntu bug. During Lubuntu beta 2 - beta 3, after one upgrade, I lost the ability to mount drives, too and I got the same error. Nor did nautilus work. It's possibly related...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't Automount USB Drive - LXDE Only Installed

    I'm sure that almost all of the details you need to know are documented.

    Good luck!
    Send mails to LXDE mailing list or utilize lxde irc...
  12. [all variants] A comprehensive guide to compile and setup new PCManFM/libfm.

    Since the lightweight file manager PCManFM has underwent a total rewrite, much has been changed. To try the new version out, you can installed packages from Lubuntu project. Or, if you want to test...
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    [SOLVED] Re: replace pcmanfm with thunar lxde

    1. This is NOT the bug of pcmanfm. People at changed some specs and file formats, and hence break backward compatibility, so pcmanfm stop working due to their changes.
    2. This issue...
  14. [all variants] Re: New PCManFM calls for testing! GVFS is now supported.

    I guess trash:///, sftp:///, and others don't work either.
    If this is the case, it seems that your gvfs is not functioning correctly, which in turns can be a dbus-related problem.
    Please make sure...
  15. Thread: Better distro

    by PCMan

    [other] Re: Better distro

    Then you must try Lubuntu. Lubuntu is the Ubuntu variant targeting hardware like yours.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Making sure I get this right: both XFCE and Gnome for one Ubuntu

    Then you must try Lubuntu. It's the right distro for you.
  17. [all variants] New PCManFM calls for testing! GVFS is now supported.

    I'm the main developer of the desktop environment LXDE and its file manager, PCManFM.
    After six months of developement, here I'm glad to announce that the next generation PCManFM calls for...
  18. Patch music player Aqualung to add PulseAudio support

    Several months ago, I just found a great music player very suitable for use with LXDE named Aqualung. Itís lightweight, written in pure C, gtk+2 only, desktop-independent, and feature-rich at the...
  19. Please vote for the future development of PCManFM. (file manager of LXDE)

    Hi, all users of PCMan File Manager.
    After more than two years of development, now LXDE became very active and more and more mature.
    Recently, some developers joined us, and many new changes were...
  20. [other] Re: Rhythmbox, totem and audacious are not producing any sonund in lxde.

    It might be related to pulse-audio, which is known to cause many problems in ubuntu hardy. Check the audio output options in the preference dialog of rhythmbox to see if alsa works (the default...
  21. [other] Re: how to add application icons to desktop in hardy lxde?

    Look for your app shortcuts in /usr/share/applications.
    Drag and drop them on the desktop.
    Drag & Drop from menu is not supported yet.
  22. Re: HOWTO: Replace Nautilus with PCMan (4 Steps, No Fuss).

    I'll try to provide an option to turn it off in the next major release.
  23. Re: HOWTO add single-click support to PCMan File Manager

    Please don't mix this patch with the latest version of PCManFM.
    Since PCManFM 0.4.6, single-click is already well-supported.
  24. PCManFM 0.4.6 - has single click support now!

    Finally, PCManFM can open items with "single click". Hurray!


    All users are encouraged...
  25. Re: Comparing speeds on Ubuntu 8.04 vs. Windows XP

    Let me explain this in technical way. I'll give you the reasons.

    What you've seen, is a known issue that get neglected by many Linux fans for quite a long time. Many Linux supporters will say,...
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