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    Building a Sweet Desktop

    Hey everyone,

    As I am assuming is common with other forum members, my real-life friends are way too non-nerdy to care about my plans for a sweet desktop. So greetings, fellow Linux dorks!

  2. Re: How to open a second window in QT4 (preferably in the context of using QDevelop)

    Hey, thanks a lot for lending a hand!

    I had actually figured it out, and now I feel dumb. I was declaring a pointer to the new window, but never actually constructing the object! I guess when...
  3. How to open a second window in QT4 (preferably in the context of using QDevelop)

    Good day,

    My question regarding developing GUI applications with QT seems pretty basic, but for whatever reason I have not been able to figure it out, despite much Googling, and using other...
  4. Poll: Re: Should we take the emphasis off codenames and put it on release versions?

    Oddly enough I can't even recall the codename of the version which I ran for literally a year (6.10). Maybe I don't spend enough time around the forums... Of course I know I'm running Gutsy now,...
  5. Thread: JAP vs Tor

    by RChickenMan

    Poll: Re: JAP vs Tor

    I am a firm supporter of TU Dresden.

    So JAP (having never used the software).
  6. Thread: bose audio

    by RChickenMan

    Re: bose audio


    Of course Bose is overrated!
  7. Re: NASA announces adoption of Windows XP Embedded

    Reading this thread makes it very obvious that a lot of people on message boards just read the topic, maybe the first few sentences, and then get bored of reading and post a reply.

    Of course it's...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite and/or best Gaming Console

    I chose the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The reason for this is a combination of enjoyability of game play, durability of hardware, and graphics and sound. The SNES has the same style of...
  9. Re: Lenovo , This is great news , maybe 2008 is

    Every year has been projected to be "The Year of Linux!!!"

    Seriously, though, definitely a step in the right direction!
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    Re: What is the name of your computer(s)?

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    Re: Anyone here living without a car/suv/etc?

    I own a car, but drive it once a month at the most, mainly for long-range journeys to visit people in different cities. I live in a very small town called Blacksburg, VA (better known nationally as...
  12. Re: Open source protester crashes speech by Bill Gates at Chinese University

    I think this kind of behavior is great, as I see the open source software movement as a social struggle against the corporate powers at be. In practice, for the most part, the only social component...
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    Re: Favourite beer

    New River Pale Ale

    Conceived right here in Blacksburg by a fellow Virginia Tech graduate.

    As far as cheap beer goes, having grown up around Baltimore, MD, I'm a huge fan of Natty Boh.
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    Re: Do you know what you want to do?

    I'm studying Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. I originally thought I wanted to get a job in this field, but over the years I've been thinking something more academic (although apparently that...
  15. Re: Exchange of hospitality among Ubuntu (linux) users
  16. Need help finding a portable cassette player with line-in recording

    After my room mate dropped my iAudio X5, I realized I no longer wish to walk around with an expensive device which can be easily lost, stolen, broken, etc. Also, I am horrible with CDs...
  17. Thread: Rockbox?

    by RChickenMan

    Re: Rockbox?

    I use RockBox on my iAudio X5, for one reason above all others:

    Gapless Playback!

    For those of us who will only listen to full albums and want to listen to them exactly how the artist intended...
  18. Thread: Laptops

    by RChickenMan

    Re: Laptops

    Dell Inspiron 700m works perfectly out of the box, with the exception of applying a patch to attain native screen resolution (the patch is just a package... install the package, re-start x-windows,...
  19. Poll: Re: How did you find out about Linux? Who introduced you?

    I took an Intro to Unix course in college. We were instructed to use the knoppix live cd. I booted it up, expecting to be greeted with a black screen and a blinking white curser, but lo and behold,...
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    xfce vs. gnome

    I have traditionally been a gnome user, however I recently decided to give xfce a shot. I have always heard it is supposed to be a more minimal, less resource-intensive DE than gnome and kde. I am...
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    Re: I want to be a super user!

    How about building your own linux from scratch?
  22. Re: Recommend a Linux book for me, please.

    Thanks to whoever dug this up. I believe I have found what I am looking for with Linux From Scratch.
  23. Re: Deleted my windows partition, using the free space to build LFS!

    Just my regular ol' Ubuntu that I use as my day-to-day OS. It's best to do it this way because it looks like this will be a several-week-long project, and I'm not trying to constantly reboot when i...
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    Re: Why do you choose Linux?

    I use Linux for the same reason I frequent local eateries (as opposed to chains), watch films at my community-owned, non-profit arthouse (as opposed to coprorate theaters), listen to independent...
  25. Re: Deleted my windows partition, using the free space to build LFS!

    The book is called Linux From Scratch. Needless to say, it's released under the GNU GPL, thus freely distributed on the internet. Check out the website at
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