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  1. [ubuntu] Nvidia Proprietary Drivers Colors too dark on TV

    Hello, I recently bought a 40 inch Samsung LED TV and connected my computer to it via an DVI-D - HDMI cable, but different from the Windows drivers, the TV colors are very vivid, but they are also...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Empathy not remembering accounts

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    [ubuntu] Empathy not remembering accounts

    I'm trying to use Empathy with an MSN account, but everytime I reboot the computer, the account just vanishes from it and I have to configure it all over again.

    Did anyone have a similar problem?
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    [ubuntu] Splash Plymouth Ugly

    Hi guys,

    I just did an update from Ubuntu 10.10. When 10.10 was out I did an update from 10.04 also, and a extremely irritating bug is still making me nervous.

    The very same ugly plymouth...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 10.10 Maverick boot splash problem

    That's exactly what happened to me, and all these fixes and workarounds that involves uvesafb doesn't work at all for me. I tried A LOT of howtos, reverted back, tried again, and nothing. :(

  6. [ubuntu] Re: Computer freezing and resetting at random

    Now I have suspicions of the motherboard and the power supply only.

    I don't overclock the CPU neither the GPU, the GPU cooler is modded because the original one stopped spinning and I broke...
  7. [ubuntu] Computer freezing and resetting at random

    Hi, this may not be related to Ubuntu, but someone might know something that can help me.

    Starting two weeks ago my computer started freezing and rebooting completely at random. Sometimes at boot,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dot is switched to comma in dot key!

    Until yesterday I had this problem, but only on the numeric pad. But with yesterday's updates, the actual period button (on comma's right) started working like a comma also.

    What kind of fix not...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Did Ubuntu just get the final Firefox 3.0?

    I've been using the proposed repository since hardy release and firefox version after beta5 until today was 3.0-rc1+nobinonly..
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Did Ubuntu just get the final Firefox 3.0?

    But still the package name should be rc2 or rc3... Why doesn't it has a RC name in it? Just a mislabeled package?
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Did Ubuntu just get the final Firefox 3.0?

    No, that was the former package.

    Today's update is 3.0+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.04.1.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Did Ubuntu just get the final Firefox 3.0?

    But how come Ubuntu get the final version before mozilla's site say so?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flash painfully slow in FF3b5

    Anyone managed to get flash in FF 3 as good as FF 2?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flash painfully slow in FF3b5

    Yea, but in FF2.0 in Gutsy it was fine. The problem is that flash in FF3.0 is, for some reason, taking too much CPU, so it has some "hiccups" in the video, but the audio keeps going on without...
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    [ubuntu] Flash painfully slow in FF3b5

    I've noticed that flash is a lot slower than it was before in firefox 2.0. It now takes about 30 - 70 percent of CPU in my computer (Athlon 64 3500+ 1GB Ram) what is far from acceptable.

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    Re: Downgrading FF 3.0 RC1 back to Beta 5

    Happy to see the button "clear list" on the download window again. :)
  17. [ubuntu] Re: CPU 99% awake and no process using it

    The urlclassifier3.sqlite in my mozilla directory was 40MB large. I've deleted it and unchecked the boxes, lets see if it stops from now on.

    But how could firefox trick top for not showing that it...
  18. [ubuntu] CPU 99% awake and no process using it

    After installing Hardy (clean install) I've noticed some weird things once in a while. Sometimes firefox just stop responding for some time, like 10 - 15 seconds and become gray (because of compiz)....
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    VMWare Server very slow in Hardy

    I have installed VMware Server 1.0.5 on Hardy and installed Windows XP in a guest machine with 512 MB RAM. But it is painfully slow.

    The HD is acessed heavily everytime the VM is doing anything,...
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    [ubuntu] emesene notification plugin

    Is anyone else having this problem with the emesene notification plugin?

    Sometimes the notification message just spawns behind the windows, and them I can't see it at all.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy Compiz scale plugin bindings broken

    I've noticed that too.

    And even if that is solved, the settings manager doesn't let me put a binding only on the upper right of the screen without pressing mouse button.

    That sucks because...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: I have an AMD 64 computer should I run 32bit or 64bit

    That's it for me too. Flash works fine with ndiswrapper, but stills need to install several i386 libs. Java has an opensource JDK that has a plugin that may work for some sites, but far from being...
  23. Re: Howto Install 32 bit Firefox with Flash w/sound and Java for AMD64

    I have 3 questions.

    1- The Mplayer plugin doesn't work, it just stays loading and then stops when it is finished. Why is that?

    2- Why does your script download and install the 1.4 Java? Java...
  24. Shell script wait for background command

    Hello, I am writing a script, but there is something I need that I can't find a way to do it...

    I need to make a command in background "command1 &" and then somewhere in the script I need to wait...
  25. Re: Install 32 bit wine to 64 bit Dapper without chroot

    Sidenet seems to have made wine work for me at last.

    But I have 2 tricky problems.

    The first one is that I can't make wine lock the mouse in the wine screen, even with the option in winecfg...
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