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    Re: OpenSUSE 11.4 To Port Unity!

    Interesting. I wonder if Gnome-shell or Unity will be the default in 12.1. It sounds like Unity right now is something you just set up from the repos, but who knows what will happen later.
  2. Re: Cloud based office software suite that is not Google Docs

    Hmm, some great choices. I might just have to go with the Microsoft service, since at least that gives me the best chance of being able to view PP 2007 presentations.

    Do any of these sites work...
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    Re: The rumors, are they true?

    I wouldn't be surprised if a good percent, if not the majority, of PC gaming purchases are now on Steam. The PC gaming section at stores (Best Buy, Walmart etc..) are getting smaller by the day....
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    Re: Mageia 1 Releasing soon!!!

    What's the advantage of this distro? There seems to be a good amount of buzz on various sites/blogs regarding to this relesae.

    Also, any idea about what version of Gnome they use? I'm looking for...
  5. Re: Cloud based office software suite that is not Google Docs

    Thanks for the suggestion on the Linux Action Show episode. I actually listened to it recently and it was more about replacing Google Docs with something you host yourself.

    I'm just looking for a...
  6. Re: If you don't like Gnome 3, you're gonna' hate this (Windows 8)

    You are spot on. I'm in back in college for a 2nd degree (new career path) and I had to take a basic information systems class. It was basically Intro to MS Office and other general computing tasks....
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    [SOLVED] Re: Alternatives to Ubuntu

    If you want to stay in the Ubuntu family, there is always Lubuntu. I've never used LXDE, but it's ligher than XFCE and as far as I know, it's not hard to use. I think you can get LXDE for Debian (and...
  8. Re: If you don't like Gnome 3, you're gonna' hate this (Windows 8)

    These sort of UI designs are the future. Crazy how close that home screen looks to the Windows 7 Mobile stuff I've seen. Looks neat to me.

    I think this shows how much of an impact...
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    Poll: Re: What is your age and what do you use ubuntu for?

    I'm 28. I started using Ubuntu (and Linux in general) about six months ago. I jumped on board with 10.10 and I've loved it. I've gone from running XP/Vista 100% of the time to about 10%. I just use...
  10. Cloud based office software suite that is not Google Docs

    I know this has been asked before (there's a 2 or 3 year old thread here) but I figured with the huge push for cloud based solutions in the last few years, it would be good to get some updated...
  11. Thread: Kubuntu?

    by tx0105

    Re: Kubuntu?

    The small annoyances of Linux are better than the 5 minute boot up in Windows, the hours lost cleaning up malware/spyware/virus infections, having to update and run scans on 3-4 different...
  12. Re: Is it just me, or does everything work better in Linux?

    I like Linux better. I think the DE's look better, it's faster, the price is great and overall I enjoy the constantly changes/new distros/discovering new things. With that said, it doesn't do...
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    Re: Distribution recommendation needed

    If you are looking for lighter weight distros, you can always try Xubuntu 11.04 or Lubuntu 11.04. Puppy Linux is another option too.
  14. Thread: What????

    by tx0105

    Re: What????

    I've been distro hopping since 11.04 (I had a variety of issues with Unity). OpenSUSE was the first one I tried after hearing all the praise for 11.4. It looks great, but otherwise, it was a bad...
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