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    [ubuntu] Very Slow usb transfers

    Hi everyone,again thanks for all the help on all this and for making ubuntu as great as it is.

    My problem is:

    When I try to transfer files using the usb port connection, the file transfer...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Rmvb video playback

    After following the instructions and searching a lot, I can play wmv files and many other formats but I can't still play rmvb video files
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    [ubuntu] Firefox flash plugin

    I checked the flash player plugins for firefox and three appeared in the list, I didn't install the adobe official plugin because I wanted to try the others.
    Now when there is flash content a play...
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    [ubuntu] Rmvb video playback

    I'm still impressed with ubuntu it is great and runs great on my machine.

    I have many rmvb videos which I played in windows installing a pack of codecs called RealAlternative. The Totem movie...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Software Update and installation trouble

    Thanks, I formatted the partition and reinstalled ubuntu cause it was the easiest for me.
    Also when I entered the code you told me, it said something like that was not possible because I was not a...
  6. [ubuntu] Software Update and installation trouble

    I just installed ubuntu in my pc and saw that Nelson Mandela video, and well I'm really impressed, the ubuntu philosophy is now part of me:)

    I installed ubuntu in a 13 Gb partition (aprox) in an...
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