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  1. lm_sensors wrong CPU temperature readings

    :~$ sensors
    Adapter: PCI adapter
    temp1: +24.1C (high = +70.0C)
    (crit = +90.0C, hyst = +89.0C)

    Adapter: PCI adapter...
  2. Re: Counter Strike Source frame skip problem

    Few days ago I switched to Ubuntu 18.04 and on the way figured out that AMD's TearFree option is causing the game stuttering. Unfortunately I need TearFree On for my browser to play videos properly,...
  3. Counter Strike Source frame skip problem

    Does anyone in here still plays CSS? :D I got a weird issue. My game skips a frame with every loud gun shot even though FPS doesnt drop. It feels like stuttering whenever I, or anybody who is...
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