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  1. Re: Docker edition Al fresco install problem on Ubuntu server 18.04 reg giSSL certifi

    Sorry but I do not have Docker experience. I'm not sure I would ever use a Docker system in production and as such, do not run it for a test either.

    I am not familiar with the install process but...
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    Re: Image Corruption

    Apache default settings (at least for all versions of Ubuntu) allows for 8 MB files to be uploaded. I am not aware of a download limitation. Every image on my site, including large ones will...
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    [server] Re: mdadm "strange" behavior

    Are 3 disks all you have in the system? Where does /boot reside? I would think you have 2 small drives in RAID 1 (mirroring) with /boot on it.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: /sbin/init not found

    Why? There are a hundred reasons why you backup your servers/data. You are experiencing a good reason for one right now. You need to ask yourself, if the machine gets destroyed (or encrypted by a...
  5. Re: Installed Nextcloud with 18.04.3 how to set it up?

    I have not used Snaps. I'm not interested in them and cannot tell you how they are setup other than they are intended as a fully-contained system with all required software together.

    I run many...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: /sbin/init not found

    @gerald17006, do you have a backup of this server or its data?
  7. [ubuntu] Re: /sbin/init not found

    That seems really messed up. Did the file system run out of space? Odd that it says things are missing and permission denied. If not space-related, I would wonder if it was malicious.

    No matter...
  8. [server] Re: SSL Encryption at Proxy or Web server level?

    E2E is how I'm going to document this initially but it is irking me to lose the client IP in the web logs. I can make it work without SSL but there is no point since you want to route all client web...
  9. [server] Re: SSL Encryption at Proxy or Web server level?

    Sorry, I did not word that well. I'm talking about the SSL connection from the user's browser and where it terminates.

    If you terminate the SSL at the proxy level, the web traffic is decrypted...
  10. [server] Re: SSL Encryption at Proxy or Web server level?

    I have found a very-specific reason to terminate SSL at the proxy level and there is no other way around it.

    Client IP logging. This CANNOT be done if the packets are encrypted all the way to the...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Need consulting help on setting up a sftp server on Ubuntu 16.04.

    Eh...why is that? Do they have bad Internet connection? Is there a bandwidth limiter? Or does their xfer system timeout if a file does not finish within a specific amount of time? If they think...
  12. [server] Re: SSL Encryption at Proxy or Web server level?

    Thanks for the info. The complete separation of user and backend server sounds interesting but I don't like the sound of downtime. My method so far only has backend web server capacity shrink from...
  13. [server] SSL Encryption at Proxy or Web server level?

    I can imagine there are not many people here that handles such a scenario but thought I'd ask anyway.

    I am working on documenting a highly-available web platform design such as the image below.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Need consulting help on setting up a sftp server on Ubuntu 16.04.

    #1 It was a requirement from the initial source (bank) that wanted us to host an FTP over SSL server.
    #2 Compatibility issues with specific FTP clients (I cannot remember the details now but I could...
  15. [server] Re: Server won't restart; file system may be damaged (16.04)

    Although you might be able to get the server to boot up eventually, I am not sure you want your database server to continue forward with potentially corrupted data.

    If it were me, I would create a...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Need consulting help on setting up a sftp server on Ubuntu 16.04.

    I used vsftpd when I wanted to setup FTP over SSL to allow communication with various banks and vendors. This allowed secured file transfers with the most compatible option (most vendors could...
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    Re: Ubuntu 18.04.02 headless server

    If disabling the firewall allowed you to connect via SSH, then you need to look at your firewall rules.

    My guess is that you have SSH enabled in the firewall for a specific IP or subnet and the...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot send e-mails through command line

    Gmail has been known to change how people can connect to them and thus break server configurations / scripts. I have not used gmail as my backend mail server in a long time so I don't have any setup...
  19. Thread: Backup plan

    by LHammonds

    Re: Backup plan

    I still prefer the separate partitions. If you know exactly what is going to run on the server and where the data growth is, that can be adjusted to just those partitions but from experience,...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot send e-mails through command line

    What mail server are you trying to use? Is it gmail? Locally hosted mail server on another machine....or local machine?
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    Re: Ubuntu 18.04.02 headless server

    Is the server's firewall blocking access?

    ufw status
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    Re: Ubuntu Logo in color ASCII art

    Whoops, I've updated the posts to include them.

    I've also created a clone of this thread on my forums so it exists in more places than one. ;)

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    [server] Re: Upgrade to 19.04, Lose sshfs Ability

    What were you upgrading from? On 16.04 and lower, network settings were in /etc/network/interfaces. In 18.04 (maybe 17 as well...but I have not used it) and newer, network settings are in...
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    Re: systemd filling up disk

    I do not know the solution to this specific issue with Apache but if you installed your server as a single partition where runaway files in /tmp or /var or other places take every bit of space from...
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    Re: kworker using 100% cpu and low I/O

    Are you 100% certain the drives are all working? It sounds like a drive failed and is compensating in real-time to recreate the data.
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