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    [ubuntu] wired network problem after 9.10 upgrade

    Took the leap of faith and upgraded my 9.04 system to 9.10 via Synaptic Package Manager Upgrade button. All appeared to go well but there was no network link when system booted. Couldn't ping local...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Network-manager applet... crazy?

    I upgraded from 9.04 to Karmic a couple of days ago and my wired network - with static IP - didn't work at all to begin with, network shares not mounted and couldn't even ping the router. Network...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy suddenly died and now boots to grub prompt

    Thanks again. I'll try photorec and and give you an update either way.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy suddenly died and now boots to grub prompt

    Yes, I have browsed the partion many times just to check. No directory structure, nothing apart from lost and found. sda8 is the right partition. Here is the output you requested:
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Hardy suddenly died and now boots to grub prompt

    Thanks, this is the output:
  6. [ubuntu] Hardy suddenly died and now boots to grub prompt

    I was just browsing away last night (also downloading backtrack and slax) and suddenly my Ubuntu 8.04 just died. The desktop froze and then the toolbars and all windows disappeared. I tried to reboot...
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    [mythbuntu] Autologin - how to change ?

    Hi all,

    A recent update to my 8.04 Mythbuntu AMD64 system has changed the login screen to automatically boot Mythtv. I am no longer presented with the Ubuntu login screen, which I prefer. with the...
  8. All mythbuntu session screens display small white rectangle


    Would appreciate some help in getting rid of a small white rectangle that appears on all my mythbuntu 8.04 screens. This display problem has only recently occurred. It is in the lower middle...
  9. Re: help needed with newbie mythbuntu setup errors

    Tks superm1. Starting mythbackend as suggested now but see reply to wyliecoyoteuk.
  10. Re: help needed with newbie mythbuntu setup errors

    Part success! Have managed to scan in lots of channels. Then run mythfilldatabase from gui but when I go to Frontend and select TV nothing appears...
  11. help needed with newbie mythbuntu setup errors

    Still not got started with Mythtv but do not throw in the towel easily. Have gone through all the backend screens many times to try to set up DVB-S TV channels but so far no success. There is...
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    Re: No luck with MythTV

    Thanks for the response theophile. I am running an AMD 64 x 2 4200, kernal 2.6.24-19, Mythbuntu/ubuntu 8.04, Hauppauge WinTV-Nova-S-Plus pci card, Astra28.2E satellite input. MythTV 0.21.0.
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    No luck with MythTV

    I have been trying on and off for several months to get to grips with MythTV and Mythbuntu on 8.10 but still I can't get TV channels input. I've tried a 'straightforward' scan for channels but I...
  14. [xubuntu] Re: Xubutnu Does not mount Ntfs Volumes Automatically as ubuntu 7.10 does

    I've just updated to Ubuntu 8.04 and my Ntfs volumes are not mounted by default, unlike with 7.10. What's happening and how do I get to read my music files.

    It would be great if someone could help.
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