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    [ubuntu] Evolution does not display all recipients

    I've been using Evolution for only a few weeks after taking the leap to being 100% Ubuntu 8.04 at work. I've just noticed that when an email is sent to multiple recipients, Evo does not show them -...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: What is GVFS? I get permission denied when I rsync. Why?

    Preferring as I do the easy way out with a nice UI... I use Grsync for backups & I found the same problem with gvfs. Since all I was trying to was to back up my data in /home (and the mounted data on...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Corrupt files in Hardy

    leemid - have you gone insane yet? I've just this week set myself up with HH at work and the first two spreadsheets that Ive worked on from the network (samba) share have corrupted. Did you find any...
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