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  1. Poll: Re: Which of these graphics cards looks the coolest?

    None of them look spectacular but I think the red one looks pretty cool. Is that copper on the top... its shiney :biggrin:
  2. Re: Why is windows 7 installed on so many netbooks?

    I cant see what all the fuss is about. I am running an atom 450 netbook on windows 7 without any bother what so ever. It is as snappy as ubuntu on a much higher speked laptop. I did have areo...
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    [SOLVED] Re: CD stuck in laptop

    A lot of the non-slide-in cd/dvd drives have a small hole in them which allows you to push a paper-clip in and manually open the tray. :p
  4. Thread: Torrent FAQs

    by babybean

    Re: Torrent FAQs

    Sometimes it does not "just work" for people. If it doesn't it could be a strict firewall or something like that in the router.

    Not sure about this one but sometimes upnp is running in the...
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    Re: Google+ Invites Thread.

    I may be mistaking but I think part of the point of + is that you can have different circles of people. So it could be possible to have a group of like "Ubuntu people" with others from this thread...
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    Re: ISP (Internet Service Provider) talk

    BT, with them for quite a while now. On an up to 8Mb plan with unlimited (turned out to be unlimited as long as you use less than 100GB :() usage. Was happy until around 9 months ago now. The hub...
  7. Re: I wish you could scare flies off your monitor by moving the mouse cursor...

    Some how I read that as files... mental image of icons changing to scared faces and moving out of the road when you try to click them.
  8. Re: Domain name for your primary email addy --

    I have gone down the aps on domain route. Is pretty cool having a catch all with the power or google spam filter, nice gmail interface etc.
    However I have to say that I would still use my normal...
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    Re: What's with the #Ubuntu IRC channel?

    Lots of stuff left out here

    It defiantly seems inappropriate for someone who had not taken part in the discussion for a couple of hours to be telling you of. Dont let it put you off :P
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    Re: Eliminate background

    Ah the content aware filter, apparently there has been a plugin for years in GIMP doing the same thing.

    Here is just 1 article about it. I think it is what you are talking about.
  11. Re: Wallpaper Thread - Post your ORIGINAL Wallpapers here

    It is defiantly a very strange colour. I made a thing last night which is basically the ubuntu orange colour and not a lot else, but it turned out not to be overpowering at all in my opinion. Strange...
  12. Re: Wallpaper Thread - Post your ORIGINAL Wallpapers here

    I have been messing around a bit with wallpapers. Trying to make some modern orange-ish ones. You can find the full size in the wallpapers bit of my blog.
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    Re: website fonts problem

    Check that the css actually works (use a really common but distinguishable font)
    As moosedog says give @fontface a go. It allows you to have the font embedded on the page so that people who do not...
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    Re: website fonts problem

    With this sort of thing I would usually assume the problem is that the font is not installed in the computers viewing the webpage. This may not be the case with you as you are I assume looking at the...
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    Re: I'd like to hear your opinion.

    Registered, will kick around for a bit :P
  16. Re: Wallpaper Thread - Post your ORIGINAL Wallpapers here

    I really like the backtrack one as well, nice idea.
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    Re: Free versus paid web hosting

    Well if you currently don't have the spare cash you might as well go for a free host. Get set up and figure out what direction you want to go from there. Sure some downtime would suck if they did...
  18. Re: Do you find your laptop's fan runs more with ubuntu?

    Thankfully the fan runs quieter in ubuntu for me. Even at that it sounds like a hover. Oh and temperatures that would make many people think it is about to explode at any moment. :(
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    Re: Natty Specific #2

    I think that would go very well with the blue theme of kbuntu, or possibly even better again with lubuntu! Nice work
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    Re: Does anyone know who this guy's name is?

    Is it Steve Burns? I dont actually have a clue and just googled about a bit but :P
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    Re: College and Laptop

    I think you are wise waiting, for a bit at least. See what other people have, consider your options, see what hardware you need. I just finished first year in cs and agree with the above post about...
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    Re: Arguments in favor of linux on campus

    You may already have covered this, but it could be nice to note that by using free (as in money) programs, it would encourage the use of them to the students. Reducing piracy and financial strain to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Old Ubuntu Kernels

    If you are planing on upgrading to 11.04 any time soon then you could leave them. Updating tends to auto remove the old ones for you.
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    Re: How big is your music library?

    1.38GB, plenty :)
  25. Re: Dumb question: Why have your own web/mail server?

    One reason can be cost. If you have a decent internet connection and a computer, there is not a lot of point in paying someone else to use there internet connection and computer. Other factors can...
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