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  1. Re: PC-BSD which later became TrueOS is now DEAD

    Just curious -- why would you want to run BSD as a desktop distro. Yes I'm aware it can be done however this seems like more an edge case than real world use case.
  2. Re: What are you folks doing for self-hosted storage? Recommendations wanted.

    I just run FreeNAS (which is now called TrueNAS core). TrueNAS runs on top of FreeBSD. TrueNas Scale will be available likely in 2022. It will be TrueNAS running on top of a Debian base. I...
  3. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Configured Dns over TLS ..... Is this good for privacy?

    In terms of VLANs, I'm not sure how your Nextcloud setup is configured, however I needed some interVLAN routing. I'm not certain how DD-WRT handles interVLAN routing since if using this combination...
  4. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Configured Dns over TLS ..... Is this good for privacy?

    Hey about that Nextcloud thing -- yeah just stick a VPN in front of it -- and you don't have to worry about opening it up to the world!!
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Can I install WordPress for local-only use on a normal desktop?

    @Paddy Landau

    You ever thought about using a combination of docker containers for wordpress? I'm assuming you'll need a database backend (mariadb or postgresql), a caching redis server, and likely...
  6. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Configured Dns over TLS ..... Is this good for privacy?

    @DuckHook. I use QuadDNS for DOT. This based on a video done at Lawrence Systems which compared the major DNS providers.

    I agree with the overall assumptions of this thread. It's almost...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Implicit vs Explicit trust GnuGP / OpenPGP and Web Of Trust (WoT)

    Yea you can send GPG mail without signing the key although this is probably based on the requirements of the client and not the protocol.
  8. [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Configured Dns over TLS ..... Is this good for privacy?


    You don't run a pfsense router with built-in DNS resolver? I thought this setup was pretty common now a days for even home users. And yes -- I mean -- Serious!
  9. Re: I want firmware updates for at least 10 years.....Which router should I buy ?

    I'd consider pfsense of opnsense.
  10. [server] Re: Unable to cast correct spell on systemd service to make it wait

    You could create a systemd timer file that calls your systemd service file like 1 min after boot. The example is down the list of responses a ways.
  11. [SOLVED] Re: If the only client is an Ubuntu desktop is something like IPCop necessary ?

    untangle is another commerically available router/firewall you can look at. It's like pfsense but it runs on Debian.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Isolation on VLAN

    VLAN provides isolation but intercommunication between VLANs requires routing. At the router level there is typically a firewall that can control communication (one way/two way/various ports)...
  13. Re: Server or NAS & Hardware Recommendations

    I'd look at a NAS (I use TrueNAS right now and when TrueNAS Scale is finally done and finished -- its based on Debian as TrueNAS is based on BSD -- i'll be moving to that).

    In terms of VPN -- my...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Server 20.04 - Netplan try / apply breaks after apt update

    Hi -- just another suggestion you might want to try -- its a little bit of a change. After running a bunch of servers on Arch, I've realized netplan is just a frontend for systemd-networkd. I...
  15. Re: Any experienced with FreeIPA/OpenLDAP on Linux?

    I'm using LDAP right now to set my GID/UIDs of a lot of my docker containers to not run them as root. I'm looking at running FreeIPA as a docker container within an Ubuntu Host. I don't really need...
  16. Any experienced with FreeIPA/OpenLDAP on Linux?

    Looking for anyone that has had some experience using OpenLDAP or FreeIPA within Linux. My goal is to setup a central authentication server where GID/UIDs would match across various virtualized...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Password Manager Review

    I like KeyPassXC a lot. I've also setup a self-hosted BitwardenRS server that I self host. It's a lot more robust at sharing passwords across devices and syncing. I access the server via a VPN and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: how to move back up crontab -e

    Had no idea tac was even a utility. Made me laugh.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Docker snap failing to use my dns?

    Why are you using Docker snap? Why don't you just add the official docker repositories to your /etc/apt sources and be done with it. You get the latest and greatest release directly from docker --...
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    Re: Lets Encrypt on multiple servers

    You need a dns provider that is supported by dns validation within acme. I believe there is a list of about 15-16 DNS providers in which the acme protocol supports DNS validation using these...
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    Re: Lets Encrypt on multiple servers

    You know if you just used Let's Encrypt with DNS validation you wouldn't have to worry about the mess you describe.
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    Re: What is your opinion about CentOS ?

    I don't work in the corporate tech world -- far from it. Other than the attitude of "this is the way it is and we've always used it", it seems like a great excuse to move away toward something...
  23. Re: Is there a good guide how to setup Ubuntu VMs that utilize an LDAP server for log

    What does autofs actually do?

    I've got one of my test virtual machine communicating with the ldap server. I'm going to see if I can use the PAM module for authentication. Frankly I'm actually...
  24. Re: Is there a good guide how to setup Ubuntu VMs that utilize an LDAP server for log

    I'm sorry -- a little confused by what you mean. Openldap is for user authentication and to ensure consistent UID/GIDs across systems. How would bridging VMs solve this solution?
  25. Is there a good guide how to setup Ubuntu VMs that utilize an LDAP server for login?

    Hi guys. A lot of sysadmin people who are knowlegeable.

    I run a dockerized open-ldap installation for a different project.

    As a side exploratory project -- is it possible to run a couple of...
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