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  1. Thread: Backup plan

    by tasket

    [SOLVED] Re: Backup plan


    Since LVM and virtual machines are part of the mix, you might find Wyng interesting. It backs up thin-provisioned LVs much the way btrfs-send and zfs-send do for their filesystems, using...
  2. Re: Howto: Incredibly fast LVM backups with 'wyng'

    Wyng beta5 release is now out....
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    Re: Sync Virtual Machine over Local Network

    For a local storage config that can be easily synced (at the block level) with another machine, utilizing an LVM thin pool seems ideal. Setting up an LVM thin pool is pretty easy compared to some of...
  4. Howto: Incredibly fast LVM backups with 'wyng'


    Wyng is a backup utility designed to take advantage of snapshot-capable storage systems like thin-provisioned LVM (or simply "thin LVM") to make incremental backups fast. This type of...
  5. Re: this reminds me why I stopped using my own printer.

    The special economics of inkjet ink create the waste problem. That's because inkjet printers are merely a delivery mechanism for expensive inks.

    Laser printers don't suffer from it nearly as bad....
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    Re: Which Thinkpad Model/Processor

    I'm also looking for a newer system.

    If you're into open source firmware at all, the Lenovo G505s is an interesting choice. It has an AMD A10 quad core processor, advanced virtualization features,...
  7. Re: Are there any advantages to using non-GNU command-line utilities?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but I found this post really funny.

    GNU coreutils are 15Kbytes..... decompressed. :D

    The GNU programs do have "many" features added which are not included in POSIX or...
  8. Re: Macbook CPU is slow after 19.04 -> 19.10 upgrade

    Another thing: 'scaling_driver' is set to "acpi-cpufreq" but `lsmod` doesn't list it as a loaded kernel module. If I `modprobe acpi-cpufreq` nothing really happens... result code is 0, no error but...
  9. Macbook CPU is slow after 19.04 -> 19.10 upgrade

    I've been running Ubuntu on a 2007 Core2Duo T7400 Macbook (not 'pro') for several years, and I have brought the system through upgrades beginning with 14.04LTS.

    This upgrade introduces a problem...
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