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    Bigger text issues

    Is there anyway to make the text in Unity and all programs bigger? I mean a complete, total job that includes things like Chrome Tabs, not just the system taskbar etc.
  2. Re: 12.10 stops booting at "Checking battery state ... [OK]"

    I don't know much about this, but I'm having a similar problem and was told to check for broken pipes. Hope that helps.
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    Re: How Old Were You When You Started Using Linux?

    I was 11.
  4. Thread: 13.04 wallpaper

    by Andy45

    Re: 13.04 wallpaper

    That's not a default wallpaper, so you'd have to google sofas 'till you can find it. ;)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Internet drops out due to high speed ?

    How old is your network card? It may not be up to par with today's blazing fast internet speeds ;)
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    Re: Network Manager not Running at Boot

    Open a terminal and type in "sudo su" to switch to root
    Type in "nano /etc/rc.local"
    In the line between the last comment and the word 'exit', type in "service network-manager start".

  7. [ubuntu] Re: Booting Ubuntu from an External Drive in OS X

    Is this a USB drive? If so, it should appear as a usb device in your BIOS boot menu.
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    [ubuntu] Re: install scanjet 3300C

    As far as I know, just plug it in and it should appear, because according to the Ubuntu compatibility list, that particular ScanJet has worked out of the box since V. 6.06.
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    Ubuntu's amazing emotes

    I would just like to congratulate Ubuntu Forums for keeping the same unique and hilarious collection of emoticons for as long as I can remember. Here's to hipsters!
    :KS :popcorn: :guitar: :mad:...
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    Re: Dolphin folder panel truncating the names

    Expand the horizontal bar by putting your cursor on the line between the bar and the main screen then dragging the bar to the right.
  11. [lubuntu] Re: Changing inactive LXpanel object (window) color

    A workaround is to change your "tintcolor" in your ~/.config/lxpanel/config to "FFFFFF" for white. More info is at the wiki:
  12. [xubuntu] Re: Xubuntu on High-resolution / Hi-DPI / Retina display

    Have you tried tweak resolution in Settings-->Displays?
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Locked out of admin account; but the password is right in shell; password changed

    If you have root access, use type "sudo passwd" into the shell/terminal instead of just "passwd" and try again. If that doesn't work either, try "su" to switch to root and then just use "passwd".
  14. Re: Mint 12 Won't Boot after failed backintime backup

    Unfortunately when I boot into recovery mode, when I am trying to move down to the bottom option for root console, my keyboard won't respond. Pressing the down arrow key, mouse button, or any button...
  15. Mint 12 Won't Boot after failed backintime backup

    Hello everyone,

    This evening I was doing a backup with backintime on a computer with limited HDD space when a dialog popped up saying I had less than 1 GB of space left. I checked this in...
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    Re: Startup and Shutdown Hangs + Mint vs Mint

    If nobody can find how to solve it, I suppose I'll just have to reinstall Mint. In that case, which is better in terms of the overall usability and experience for basic emails, office, and music:...
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    Re: Startup and Shutdown Hangs

    also, is there any way to reset all startup entries from a live CD? because the startup problems began after I messed around with bum and startup manager.
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    Startup and Shutdown Hangs

    Hello World! (LOL)
    Recently I have encountered the problem of the computer getting stuck/hanging on shutdown. And now it doesn't even boot - also hanging. I can boot from LiveCD and choose recovery...
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    Help with shell script for Avira

    I am trying to set up a weekly scan by Avira antivir. I am trying to use shell script as that is the only thing I think will work. Here is the script:
    #toc, .toc, .mw-warning...
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    [other] Amarok IranianRadio

    Hi everyone,

    I just got my Linux install up and running, and I'm trying to get IranianRadio (and other Persian music which my folks are fans of) onto Amarok. I've tried...
  21. Mint 10 Julia LXDE Wireless internet problems

    Hi again!:)

    I just booted linux mint Julia from CD on a MSI A6200 laptop, and I'm trying to set up the internet. I went to terminal and tried nm-tool, but I could barely make heads or tails of...
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    [xubuntu] Xubuntu Crash in Software Center

    This has been going on since the day I installed: whenever I am in Software Center, my computer grinds to a halt, let alone installing. Then when it goes into screensaver, the whole thing freezes and...
  23. [all variants] Re: Problem with installing Ubuntu on old Old OLD laptop

    :guitar::KS Hey, Thanks for your help! I've finally gotten the install. I'll tell you how it went when it finishes.



    P.S. The CD trick worked.
  24. [all variants] Re: Problem with installing Ubuntu on old Old OLD laptop

    I am trying alternate install. I'm waiting for my sister to finish using the computer with a burner so I can burn he iso. Oh, and would xubuntu on 190 MB (alternate) be faster than Win XP on the same...
  25. [all variants] Re: Problem with installing Ubuntu on old Old OLD laptop

    Will try.
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