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  1. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 library cant be installed no matter what trying to install steam.

    You've likely not done this bit:

    sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

    Steam is 32-bit and needs a bunch of 32-bit libraries. If you don't say that it's OK to install 32-bit things, your package...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: HDD indicator starts glowing constantly & PC freezes

    It's not great. I wouldn't have gone for less than 8 for any of my machines for the last 10 years or so.

    Linux does handle being out of memory quite badly, and it would look like what you're...
  3. Re: How far does DELL customize Ubuntu on its machines (if at all)?

    It depends on the model.

    If there's anything that needs to be done to make the machine work well in the state they sell it, then they'll do that. They have a repository for that software.

  4. Re: Horrific state to be in. Can't install Ubuntu due to HDD issues? HELP!

    I haven't used Windows in 15 years, so I can't help you find Windows settings.

    It's also possible that your issue isn't (entirely) Fast Startup, but you might have your drive set to something...
  5. Re: Loading to grub screen, no keyboard input

    Depends on the keyboard, and depends on the port. There are keyboards that won't work in USB 3 ports.
  6. Re: Horrific state to be in. Can't install Ubuntu due to HDD issues? HELP!

    Windows doesn't shut down properly, it hibernates, so that booting it up doesn't take as long. That leaves any drives that Windows has touched in a dirty state, and Ubuntu won't go near them to...
  7. Re: Control volume on non-default audio device

    Sorry, I don't know what else to suggest to break that linkage other than what you've already tried. Maybe someone that uses Xfce will chime in with something.
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    Re: Inkscape not default app for .svg

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    Re: MSI GS63 Stealth fan control

    I've never seen your UEFI setup screen, so I don't know what they've called it. It's going to be something like "fan profile," though. Potentially buried in a sub-menu somewhere.
  10. Re: Loading to grub screen, no keyboard input

    The issue is that in the pre-OS environment there isn't support for elaborate hardware. UEFI can emulate that support, by making newer hardware appear to be older hardware, but it needs to be enabled...
  11. Re: Control volume on non-default audio device

    I think it's doable, but not easily doable.

    The audio streams for applications are going to open on the default device, and the displayed volume control - which is what's going to be controlled by...
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    Re: MSI GS63 Stealth fan control

    The best way to control the fans is to have the hardware do it. If your computer came with Windows, and the manufacturer has some application to harvest that sweet, sweet, user data that they want to...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Realtek ALC888 Mic Pregain Configuration?

    Those selectable gain controls, if they're exposed, show up in alsamixer. It may well still be noisy; there's only so much shielding that's possible and cost effective in an electrically noisy...
  14. Re: Boy that was scary. Little story to take a weight off

    Glad to hear your Teaching Moment came out OK.

    The quickest and easiest way to check is to create a new user (also one more thing off the checklist that you'll have shown to yourself that you...
  15. [lubuntu] Re: Weird monitor display problem with some resolutions

    That setting turns kernel mode setting on or off.
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    Re: Old Linux game

    Well, it's been abandoned. The last update about it was in 2009.

    You might be lucky and be able to simply edit the .deb file's dependencies so that they're looking for modern versions of the...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: I need a way to reset my usb keyboard (because my cat kills it)

    You may have already considered this, but some keyboards need NKRO to be specifically enabled. On mine, for example, you need to press Shift + mute to toggle it.
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    [SOLVED] Re: man htop - No manual entry for htop

    htop does have a man page. Maybe WSL installs don't get the documentation for some reason?
  19. Re: How to remove fonts-ubuntu non-free package?

    Here's some information on the licensing of the Ubuntu fonts, if you're interested.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: The HDD activity LED keeps glowing & the system becomes very slow

    Do you have some kind of file indexer running when it happens?
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    Re: Ubuntu Soundcard experience

    I wouldn't include AMD on that list. The company in that spot is Intel, save for when they'd licensed PowerVR stuff. Both AMD's and Nvidia's approaches are fundamentally flawed in different ways.
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    [SOLVED] Re: trying to make adobe flash to work

    Support for Flash plugins was removed from all browsers because Flash is dead and EOL.
  23. Re: Give snap installs access to... EVERYTHING. (mainly glimpse accessing /var)

    If the snap's author has set it up, you can use classic confinement, which lifts the sandboxing restrictions.

    Setting permissions to 777 is a terrible idea.
  24. Re: Easiest way to install Minecraft in Kubuntu 20.04

    To be fair, when I was running a Minecraft server on a Pi, I was using Spigot. I moved it to a NUC, since I was running that anyway as an HTPC and Steam In-Home Streaming target, so I haven't tried...
  25. Re: Easiest way to install Minecraft in Kubuntu 20.04

    A Raspberry Pi can handle being a Minecraft server for 3 users.
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