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  1. Re: Create a FAX server to send and receive fax

    Use Hylafax:

    It's in the Ubuntu repositories. There are two packages: hylafax-server and hylafax-client.
  2. Re: Just did update on Virtualbox from apt, missing

    Remove the copy of VirtualBox you are running now, then follow these directions

    Now you will always have the most...
  3. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 PHP 7.4 Security Checkup

    The only security modification I routinely make to PHP is to set the default upload directory. Otherwise I use the stock defaults. Have never had an intrusion via PHP in some twenty years. Most of my...
  4. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    Off topic, but do you give the web server write permissions to the WordPress directories? That's a nice convenience if you use automatic updates, but a big security hole otherwise. I run a little...
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    Re: looking for free email service

    Another vote for GMail. It's pretty much a basic requirement for using an Android phone these days. Plus I like having an identity provider so I don't have to create unique logins on every site I...
  6. Re: Bind 9 Slave zone records not being transferred

    If you really need a GUI, you might look into whether your domain name provider offers such a service. For most people with just a single domain name, DNS management isn't worth the effort of setting...
  7. [server] Re: Time to build a server with old hardware.

    I don't care about dismounting so I haven't seen this issue. The only time I dismount file systems is when rebooting.
  8. [server] Re: Time to build a server with old hardware.

    I found the NFS guide way too lengthy and complex for simple applications. So I posted this in recent thread as an alternative:...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 takes long time to boot

    Replacing the boot drive with an SSD can greatly improve boot times. Newegg runs sales on SSD drives all the time. I upgraded two laptops with these:...
  10. Re: Which brand of printers should I stick to?

    I have a Brother HL-3170CDW. Only modification I needed to make was to set the printer into Postscript emulation to get it to print envelopes correctly.

    The printer is directly wired with...
  11. Re: Is there a guide somewhere detailing each item in the startup applications app?

    Are you desperate for free space? If not, don't bother.

    "sudo systemctl list-units" will list all the services managed by systemd and their current statuses. Here's snippet from my Kubuntu 20.04...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Getting SYSINFO on new installation of 20.10

    Have you tried lshw? It will give you a very extensive audit of your machine's hardware. Run it with sudo.
  13. [server] Re: Time to build a server with old hardware.

    Sounds like you're basically interested in building a server to share files, not run mail or web or DNS services.

    If so, I suggest installing a desktop version of Ubuntu, then adding the Samba and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: configuring isc-dhcp-server

    Try specifying the interface on the command line. I haven't used dhcpd for a while myself, but I recall it was as simple as:

    /usr/sbin/dhcpd eth1
  15. [xubuntu] Re: Shared files all seen as folders on client machine

    "Creating a mount point" means just creating an empty directory to which the remote share will be attached. So in the example I gave, you would run

    sudo mkdir /media/remote_home

  16. [lubuntu] Re: Thumbnail Previews in Dolphin File Explorer

    From the menu, choose Configure Dolphin (or hit Ctrl+Shift+,), then on the General page choose Previews. Increase the size in the Skip Previews box at the bottom. I have mine set to 10240 MB (~ 10...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: I received and odd email security notice:confused:

    Have you looked at the headers yet?
  18. [xubuntu] Re: Shared files all seen as folders on client machine

    I think it's easier than implementing Samba. Plus NFS is native to *nix systems and preserves things like user and group permissions and modification dates.

    Install nfs-kernel-server on the server...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: I received and odd email security notice:confused:

    Use the option in your mail client to show all the headers. Look at the Received entries and make sure the message came from it alleged source. First thing I do with any suspicious email is reveal...
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    Re: NFS Connection Hang

    Use "mount -v" to see what is happening on the client.

    I do all my NFS mounts in /etc/fstab.
  21. [xubuntu] Re: Shared files all seen as folders on client machine

    If both machines are running Linux, use NFS, not Samba.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Zoom join button disabled

    I copy and paste meeting IDs all the time. I just logged in and pasted an ID in the "Join a Meeting" dialog. The Join button turned blue when I did so.

    Are you using the .deb from here:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Zoom join button disabled

    On which screen? The initial one with "Join a Meeting" and "Sign In"? If you sign in, can you still not join a meeting?
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    [ubuntu] Re: command to find router ip address ?

    Try installing nmap and doing a ping scan of the networks:

    sudo apt install nmap
    nmap -sP

    will try every IP from to
  25. Re: ubuntu in virtualbox not working properly

    Did you install the Expansion Pack? If so, you'll get better video drivers than the default.
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