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    Poll: Re: Lucid Lynx Release Party Flyer

    The flyer looks fine to me.
    The location is a bit out of the way for me. I live in Tonopah.
    Don't relish a 130 mile round trip for Lucid.

    I'm having a sad experience already in Karmic Koala...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Can't select my new connection??

    I think Kubuntu installs with KSystemLog viewer.
    If your system is totally locked up you should try this before a connect attempt:

    Applications > System > KSystemLogs

    This listing is huge, so...
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    Re: anybody happy with karmic?

    Karmic Koala with KDE is very pretty. I installed Kubuntu.
    I am stuck with dial up copper, but modem-manager bug prevents me using Internet.
    grub 2 prevents me booting into other Linux distros...
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    Poll: You do the math

    Born in the 7th week of 1950.
    Ubuntu provides me (and other integrated chips) frustration.
  5. [kubuntu] modem-manager :-(

    I'm guessing that this modem-manager BUG is causing troubles everywhere.

    It has reports all the way back to last November. USB, ADSL, etc.
  6. [kubuntu] Re: U.S. Robotics 5610c PCI Modem in Kubuntu 9.10

    I can't wait to try your empty /etc/resolv.conf trick. Will get back to you.

    1- I originally had NO IDEA which device the modem is assigned to.
    In addition wvdial is not...
  7. [kubuntu] Yeah, but, What is modem-manager?

    This has a good screen-shot of my KPPP connect window.
    The "Configure" button is shown. Unlike what I've seen around.
    But before anyone can use it, User and Group changes need to be made.
  8. [kubuntu] Re: U.S. Robotics 5610c PCI Modem in Kubuntu 9.10

    The clock is still wrong. I set Time&Date.
    On reboot the syslog contains "modem-manager Got failure code 100" again!
    No use even trying kppp yet.
    Anyone got a suggestion? This forum has already...
  9. [kubuntu] More debug info

    -----Output from KSystemLog with Filter: = "modem" (two different startups):

    2010-01-30 10:13:26 BlueBeast NetworkManager <info> Trying to start the modem-manager...
  10. Thread: modem driver

    by ChasM750

    [ubuntu] Re: modem driver

    PCtel modems are not easy to use in Linux.
    For the Ubuntu distros you should start here:
    Your driver may need compiling on your own system.
  11. [kubuntu] U.S. Robotics 5610c PCI Modem in Kubuntu 9.10

    I plugged in a new modem for a working Kubuntu installation.


    01:08.0 Serial controller: 3Com Corp, Modem Division 56K FaxModem model 5610 (rev 01)

    After re-gaining access to my...
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