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  1. Switching from wireless to network does not work - no gateway

    On my Ubunto 14.04 LTS when ever i switch wireless on i can't seem to be able to have INTERNET over my network card again the gateway seems to vanish.

    On my 10.04 LTS when ever i switch off the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: HOWTO - Install XMMS on Ubuntu 10.04

    Found this on google

    Seems Easier ...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: VirtualBox - kernel driver not installed after upgrade to Lucid

    Hello did you try to remove the old vbox rep and set the new one ??

    Check this virtual box page

    In my case the upgrade just disable the vbox...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Uninstall VMware Player

    Thanks fjgaude ... and Thank Google that took me over here :D
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