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    [ubuntu] Error during update

    im using ubuntu 11.04. I already changed servers and nothing happened. I had not edited the sources.list but made a test to get the best server and nothing changed. thanks
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installed madwifi but no wifi

    im having the very same problem with my Acer 5735Z using 10.10. Just got this problem After doing what this thread says. The atheros driver looks gone.

    to bring it back just use this command:...
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    [ubuntu] .aes256 decrypt using openssl

    i have a encrypted file using .aes256. I'm trying to decrypt but it fails.

    This is the command i used

    And here's the error:

    any help? thanks in advance!
  4. Re: HOWTO: Setup easy web development environment (XAMPP)

    hey, thanks for your tutorial but this is not working for me.

  5. Thread: Apache 404

    by killboymota

    [ubuntu] Re: Apache 404

    im using vbulletin and i cannot see any forum or specific thread but i cant access to the admin panel or use the search box.

    any static page is not showing...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: apache2 adding a new website (httpd.conf, apache2.conf, sites-available)

    i fixed it. Using This Thread. I added ServerName at the end of apache2.conf. I erased the userdir mod.

    Now i can see my site live.

    But i cannot browse all directories... each time...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing and configuring vBulletin

    it just like anyother software. you need to have LAMP and setting up the config file inside includes.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Apache2 (98)Address already in use

    thank you, this helped me! now i can browse me site files but each time i enter only directory it says "not found" :(
  9. [ubuntu] Re: apache2 adding a new website (httpd.conf, apache2.conf, sites-available)

    root@(none):~# sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
    root@(none):~# sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
    * Restarting web server apache2 ... waiting ...
  10. [ubuntu] apache syntax error in apache2.conf could not open configuration file

    when i try to start apache i've got this problem.

    sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
    * Restarting web server apache2 apache2: Syntax error on line...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Change host name in Ubuntu10.04

    i dont get it...

    sudo hostname
    then sudo nano /etc/hosts myhostname myhostname

    # The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts
  12. [ubuntu] Re: apache2 adding a new website (httpd.conf, apache2.conf, sites-available)

    okay, i did that (my mistake) i used a2enmod rewrite.

    But now everything is not working.

    * Starting internet superserver inetd [ OK ]
  13. [ubuntu] apache2 adding a new website (httpd.conf, apache2.conf, sites-available)

    im spending a lot of time trying to resolve this issue.

    I could setup my server today using LAMP. Even could upload the whole php files via ftp. I could get the Phpmyadmin app to work properly....
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    [ubuntu] proftpd / gftp problem?


    im trying to connect to my server via gftp but as soon as tries to connect it gets disconnected.

    Connected to
    Disconnecting from site...
  15. Poll: Re: Error 530 won't go away

    dude, as soon as i got connected i get disconnected! :(

    Looking up xxxxx
    Trying xxxxx
    Connected to xxxx
    Disconnecting from site xxxx
    Waiting 30 seconds until trying to connect again
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    [ubuntu] Detailed info about a video


    is it possible to know which camera a person used for a video using the video file info only?

    which information can you grab from a video file?

  17. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 - Graphics & Sound works but crappy

    i have tried additional drivers but nothing appears on the list.

    Maybe i have to update nvidia-glx drivers?
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Avidemux: How to keep .MKV Subs into .mp4?

    ok, thanks!

    I need to know more commands, how can i extract the subs with that tool?
  19. [ubuntu] How to know Hostname Using Ip (msn and forum logs)

    hey ppl,

    im talking with a person tru msn and this person is conected to a forum of mine in which i can see the transaction logs and these logs shows the ip and the service provider like...
  20. [ubuntu] vlc how to take multiple snapshots like WMP?

    hey ppl, does anybody know how to take multiple snapshots with vlc like windows media player does? im talking about talking sequencial snapshots and saving them into a single .jpg or .png image.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Avidemux: How to keep .MKV Subs into .mp4?

    are you sure? i have been using PSPVC (a conversor for windows) that keeps the subtitles of mkv or any other format.

    But hey, thank you!
  22. [ubuntu] Avidemux: How to keep .MKV Subs into .mp4?


    im trying to convert a .mkv video with subs into a .mp4 video but in the the video is ok but the subs are gone.

    Anybody knows how to do this?
    thanks in advance
  23. [ubuntu] 10.04 - Graphics & Sound works but crappy

    every time i watch a video at youtube, or use audacious to listen to music (or instead use grooveshark) the sound jumps forward automatically for some strange reason.

    The other problem is the...
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