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  1. Re: EIT Guide not populating after retune.

    Its taken a while to populaayte mine as well.
    I also had to edit the station lists a bit through wythweb to get the correct channel numbers on a few of the channels.
    Its all sorted now and working....
  2. Re: wireless keyboard - recommendations

    I use one of these keysonic wireless keyboards with track pad.
    A very good quality keyboard and a decent price.

    I use wireless networking around the room and...
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    Re: Remote Frontend w/o Backend

    As I realised yesterday.
    In the setup for the combined front/backend you need to make sure the ip address is not otherwise when your new frontend tries to connect to the backen it gets the...
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    Re: Best remote for Mythbuntu 8.04?

    Ive got a Microsoft remote control and usb receiver, it worked out of the box with 8.04. Also a keysonic wireless mini keyboard with touch pad this works like a standard usb keyboard so no drivers...
  5. Re: Nova-T 500 not detected (and no its NOT the reversion!)

    From you DMESG it looks like you only have USB 1
    Dont you need USB2 for the Nova T 500.

    The Nova T 500 appear to the system as usb devices and im pretty sure it would need usb2.

  6. Re: Signal strength / noise monitoring utility

    Yes I can see the signal strength.
    But you need the signal to noise ratio as well.
    I can get the signal strength up to 80% but too noisy for a lock.

    Femon looks like what I need.

  7. Signal strength / noise monitoring utility

    Is there a graphical Signal strength/noise monitoring utility I could use to look at the signal being received by my DVB cards(Nova T 500).
    Im having a few issues getting the splitter/amplifier...
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    Re: MythBuntu 8.04 & Nova T 500

    When I re-installed 8.04 with two nova t 5oo's after trashing my old 7.10 they were supported without having to install the latest v4l libraries.

  9. Picture breakup after update in 8.04

    Hi all,

    Ive got a combined front/backend with 2 Nova T 500's, 1gig ram, sata 2 hard drive and p4 3.5mhk

    Yesterday I took a hard drive image and then run the update manager.
    There were a number...
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    Re: problem importing DVD in Myth 8.04

    Im not sure if this is the same for you as it was for me especially as you are mounting it remotely.
    But have enabled the proprietary codes in the control centre?
    You need them to enable Mythtv to...
  11. Re: Help: I messed up my display driver

    Use ssh to log into your mythtv box from another machine on your network.
    once logged in cd to /etc/X11
    xorg.conf should have been backed up when you made your last change just copy the backup...
  12. Re: QSqlQuery::exec: empty query and syntax errors

    All the checkboxes in the database section of mythweb say ok.

    Im wondering what would have caused it rather than just fixing the database aferwards. I havnt seen anything like this before.

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    Re: Shopping list

    Why not, Ive just made a list of my kit anyway so I might as well share it. Combined front/backend 8.04 with monit keeping an eye on it. Everything is pretty much there and working.
    I havnt looked...
  14. QSqlQuery::exec: empty query and syntax errors

    Hi guys,

    My backend crashed today.
    It was picked up by monit and restarted.
    This is the mythbackend.log from around that time.
    As you can see there are a lot of mysql errors.
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    Re: MythBuntu 8.04 & Nova T 500

    Ill keep a close eye on it and wait and see if I get any problems.
    Ill post the logs if it breaks.

    I had a bit of breakup on my second card yesterday.
    It turned out to be a loose aerial...
  16. Re: Import export archive recordings problem in 8.04

    OK, found a post refering to the error message.
    Fix was to delete .ICEauthority in the users home directory.
    It solved that error.

    The only thing broken now is the cancel and update buttons.
  17. Re: Import export archive recordings problem in 8.04

    Getting a bit further.

    I turned on logging for mysql and watched the queries being run for the archiving and found this:
    SELECT dirname FROM storagegroup WHERE groupname = 'Default' AND hostname...
  18. Re: How do you Re run setup for Archiving in mythtv

    I was looking for the install setup. Any script that is run after the binaries are put on the machine not the on screen setup in mythtv.

  19. How do you Re run setup for Archiving in mythtv

    This is the last bit to get my Mythbuntu system fully functional.

    Ive had some problems with archiving recordings in Mythbuntu 8.04.
    As per my earlier postings.
    I now think the setup hasnt run...
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    Hugo, It just occurred to me this afternoon I...


    It just occurred to me this afternoon I dont know why I didnt remember this, I put it down to old age.

    When I was experimenting with Mythdora before looking at Muthbuntu I had some...
  21. Re: Import export archive recordings problem in 8.04

    Ill have a look at that.
    Mines a combine frontend/backend on same machine.
    It might give me some pointers on where the directories are configured.

  22. Re: Import export archive recordings problem in 8.04

    Ive now tried re-installing with full release rather than the release candidate and Ive still got the same problem.
    So restored the previous version as documented above.

    Can anyone help me?
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    Re: MythBuntu 8.04 & Nova T 500

    This morning I did a fresh install of 8.04 and it works as well as the release candidate. Hasnt solved my problems with DVD playback and archive not working but my 2 Nova T 500's are both working...
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    Re: MythBuntu 8.04 & Nova T 500

    The amplifier I have allows you to adjust the signal strength.
    It has two outputs that I patch to my dvb card.
    If I turn it up too much I get too much noise and the card doesnt like it and cant...
  25. Re: Import export archive recordings problem in 8.04

    OK, no answers so I had bit more of a play.

    I ran update against the weekly fixes.
    Still no good.

    I manualy created the directories:
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