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    Re: Lucid and OpenVZ and/or LXC ?

    I've been running ubuntu server for a couple of years now, and was looking forward to running openvz on 10.04 - but I'm quite disappointed to see that ubuntu is leaving the openvz users in the lurch....
  2. [all variants] Anyone know of a working 3g2 to avi converter?

    I've been searching for a conversion utility to convert 3g2 video files (from a phone camera) to something more universally viewable e.g. avi.

    I've tried a couple of products that didn't work...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Scanner no Longer Works

    It looks like the crew is out of the office.

    At any rate, there may be some lag time before the fix gets into the repos. You may have to go into synaptic and enable backports to get anything...
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    Re: HOWTO: Jaunty Intel Graphics Performance Guide

    This was very helpful, thanks! After this straightforward procedure (I picked the "optimal" path) my i945-equipped jaunty system went from being like molasses, to being farly snappy.:D
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    Re: Why don't we use APT links in the Wiki ?

    Works fine here - it asks if I want to install the package supertux. I click yes, and it installs.

    Of course, I'm running linux here - surely nobody would expect that to work on ms windoze?
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    [ubuntu] Re: 8.10 in VirtualBox on Vista 64-bit

    Cool - why not try it sometime? I mean, not just as a windoze guest?
  7. Re: How many, what kind, and how old are your pets?

    max - male minpin about 9 years old
    baby - female chihuahua pup, about 4 months old.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mysql Start error

    If it can't bind to port 3306, either something else is listening on that port, or you don't have rights to bind to the port. In either case it sounds like something is wrong there. Has anybody else...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Multiple swap partitions?

    I see only a single swap partition. You have an extended partition (sda3) which contains the logical partition (sda5) where your swap resides.
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    Re: Comparison of Various File Systems

    Good work - those results are pretty much in line with what I've seen, at least as regards reiser vs other linux filesystems. But, the long term picture for reiser is not exciting at this point....
  11. [all variants] Re: Keep a program running after logging out of ssh session

    If you want an app that continues to run after you're logged out, you may need to find a command line app. The problem with an X windows app is that it's associated with an X session. If you end the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wireless HELP?

    Did your computer not come with ubuntu pre-installed and fully operational?

    If you started with ms windows and installed ubuntu after the fact, then it should still be fairly straightforward. The...
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    Re: Why KDE 4.2 will rock

    I switched from kde 3.5 to gnome, when I switched from suse to ubuntu. I'm certainly willing to take another look at kde when 4.2 comes out, but for now gnome is not bad, and certainly improved over...
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    Re: The Ubuntu Experiment.

    Good man! Do keep us updated as to how the subjects do. This could eventually make a nice feature article, depending on how it goes.:popcorn:
  15. Re: MS fears Linux..or is it the other way arround ??

    Canonical too - and more power to them!
  16. Re: Ext4 is completed and for kernel 2.6.28, so says Linus.

    Huh? xfs was ported from SGI years ago. No fuse needed, ever....
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    [ubuntu] Re: SSH server setup help

    Well, ssh always "just works" here, out of the box. Not that much that could go wrong. Firewall maybe? Have you changed any settings from the defaults?
  18. Re: Windows ... Actually Improving... What does that mean for linux?

    shrug. don't care. I'm happy with linux. why should I switch to windoze?
  19. Poll: Re: How many Computers do you have and what OS is on each one ?

    Totals have changed - there are 8 computers and it's still all unix at our house. Girls have osx and guys have linux.

    1 apple laptop running osx panther
    1 mac mini running osx panther
    1 compaq...
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    Re: linux, or google?

    lulz. I'd never downgrade to ms windoze just to test a browser. If google ever get around to providing a full on, fully supported linux version of chrome, I might check it out.

    Til then, I'm cool...
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    Re: linux, or google?

    Not even close. I choose Linux of course. But it's sort of a trick question because google is all linux.
  22. Re: "I found out that the US military use Windows," hacking was easy

    It applies especially to microsoft windows, which has always been the low hanging fruit.:lolflag:
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    Poll: Re: Do you know martial arts?

    I was involved with a dojo and practicing tae kwon do in Thailand a long time ago. Now that I'm older, I'm more interested in learning aikido.
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    Re: do applications have to be open source

    Of course not. IBM DB2 is not open source, and it runs just fine on ubuntu. For that matter neither quake 4, doom 3 nor ut2004 are open source and their native linux versions run just fine on ubuntu.
  25. Re: thinking of trying a new distro on my desktop recomendations

    opensuse is pretty interesting - good on the desktop or the server.
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