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  1. Sticky:Poll: Re: Share with us your Xenial (16.04) Upgrade and Installation Experiences

    If you want to understand whats going on with the sizes I recommend you go read about Gibibyte.

    1024 is the measurement for 1GB memory sizes.

    1000 is the measurement for 1GB in Data Storage.
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    Re: New DOOM under wine?

    Hmm "Linux is not for gaming", I think Valve/Steam, Epic Games/UE4, Crytek/CryEngine and most the "gaming servers" people are playing on would disagree with that.

    At the moment Linux has a massive...
  3. [kubuntu] Re: Install ubuntu desktop how to start Unity?

    You need to apt install ubuntu-session aswell.

    If you add that package you should get a selection dropdown in lightdm/KDM (normally a little cog next to your name) that will allow you to start a...
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    Re: Great news! It's Fair use

    Duckhook feel exactly the same way. Been testing out gnome-boxes as a gui frontend for qemu, upto now it's not ate my machine so it's going rather well!

    Plus as was stated above, Oracle are likely...
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    Re: Problem AMD graphics Steam games on 16.04

    I think QIII was referring to the AMDGPU-Pro driver which is a "Hybrid" proprietary driver that uses the AMDGPU kernel module.

    The M265 isn't supported in the AMDGPU-Pro yet though, it only states...
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    Re: Why not always rolling release?

    You don't see Linux on a desktop it's not what companies get a good deal on (or so they think) so they use Windows as a front end, but go to the tills and look at the PoS machines or any of the...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Openrw doesn't compile on Ubuntu 16.04 -glm

    Well the file you should need is libglm-dev It's basically a "header" part for OpenGL mathematics. Did you install the libglm from repos or did you try to build them?

    The error is basically...
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    [SOLVED] Re: cloud storage solutions

    Dropbox is about the only one I know of that actually has a "native" Linux application (and is free), Google Drive can be accesed through nautilus (you need to set up your account with the Online...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Will/can the Asus OC Panel II(OC Panel-Overclocking Command Center) works under U

    No worries :) thats what the community is for.
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Will/can the Asus OC Panel II(OC Panel-Overclocking Command Center) works under U

    As far as i can see it's all hardware so shouldn't have anything to do with the OS running on the machine. It looks to be tied into ASUS UEFI (it states on the specs to keep the bios up-to-date for...
  11. Re: Any comments on this Desktop config for running Ubuntu, please?

    Not sure on the Quadro card with 4k especially as the memory it lists is only DDR3.

    Other than that looks good, afaik the TP Link Archer uses a broadcom chipset so should be supported in anything...
  12. Re: Software Updater and new Gnome Software

    I would guess a bug, gnome-software is very new for ubuntu. Best bet is to look on I know there is still a lot of work going on with gnome-software. You should be able...
  13. Re: What is a good Ubuntu 3d character software?

    Depends on what type of 3d modelling and whether you are willing to pay for a product.

    Blender as far as open source is about the best choice, but if it's modelling/animation for games/3d...
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    Re: Mini's Magic World - action platformer

    Amazing work man! great little game definitely be recommending it
  15. Re: Congratulations to our newest Ubuntu Member

    Grats mastablasta!
  16. Re: Is there any point in using ZFS on a desktop system?

    ZFS has very little going for it on a desktop machine imo. EXT3/4 and XFS are great for desktop use.

    ZFS excels at scalability that is needed in servers and has probably some of the best if not...
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    Re: 16.04 Ubuntu or Mate?

    Either choice will be a great experience!

    ubuntuGNOME is a little more resource hungry than ubuntu-Mate imo. ubuntuGNOME classic/flashback imo is rather limiting Gnome does great in the Shell or...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: problems when i install selinux on ubuntu16.04

    Is there a reason for you needing Selinux? Ubuntu already has AppArmor which offers the same level of MAC. Also the selinux in Ubuntu afaik hasn't had updates since around 2009 it's just been rebuilt...
  19. Re: Trouble setting up xbox controller in fallout 3 using steam/POL

    Afair Big Picture was shut off when running in Wine due to it requiring DX10. Not sure if that has been changed as I no longer use Wine to run Steam and have since changed to the Linux client.

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    [SOLVED] Re: Snap packages and Security.

    If I remember right from what I had read the Snaps are transactional (so they could have a patch added to them by the developer) also there was meant to be a "staging area" where most of the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Snap packages and Security.

    @cogset Well they are still pgp signed like the repos we have now. They will still have package maintainers (afaik) and the files that are linked to the app are listed in a yaml file.

    In theory I...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Snap packages and Security.

    The "Snap" packages are being used in the wrong context there.

    You can think of Snap like a .deb file we have now, but the Snap is basically "self contained" where as the .deb has to pull...
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    Re: tools for 'extended lifespan'

    That's also true. A lot of the board manufacturers seem to have an OS-Independent way of updating (Asus, Asrock and Gigabyte are three i know have it on Mid/High end boards).

    Haven't had a chance...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: What motherboard can I use for Ubunu 12.04?

    I would probably go for something based around the C236/C232 Intel chipsets something like the GA-X150-Plus-WS

    Thats assuming that SGE/Qmon (Sun Grid Engine) is required. The C2xx chipsets are imo...
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    Re: tools for 'extended lifespan'

    Agree with you there @Buzzingrobot. Updates need to be easier to find and they must either open up the Bios/UEFI platforms or supply the needed tools to make the changes. Linux users in general are...
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