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    [ubuntu] P2V Failed (Error message attached)

    Hi there
    I want to convert physical Ubuntu 12.04 to a virtual server using VMware converter 5.5.2

    you can see in the following image the hard disk settings for the physical server in the...
  2. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop on a virtual machine

    I have a running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS desktop on a virtual machine. I wanted to upgrade it to 14.04 but I got this warning:

    Your graphics hardware may not be fully supported in Ubuntu 14.04

  3. Re: Error while installing Apache2 SSL certificate

    but i used the file that i received as a cert.
  4. Error while installing Apache2 SSL certificate

    i wanted install Apache2 SSL certificate on two Ubuntu servers, so I ordered an official verified SSL certificate for both of them then followed these instructions...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Disable Start-Up Applications

    Thanks, but this conf is for services, I'm already done with it. Now I locking for disabling unnecessary start-up applications
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    [ubuntu] Disable Start-Up Applications

    Hello there,

    I followed this tutorial on youtube to disable start-up applications in Ubuntu Sever 13.10. What happened is all unchecked apps are being checked again when I close then open the box!...
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