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    [kubuntu] Re: Strange bug w/full screen Flash freezing

    Was this ever solved? I've been having an extremely similar problem ever since the last flash plugin update, which I think was 3 or 4 days ago. If I open up a flash video into fullscreen (tried...
  2. Re: HOW TO: pSX 1.13 on Lucid/Maverick (i386/amd64)

    Been looking for this for awhile. Thanks!
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    [SOLVED] Re:

    I added the jaunty repository and installed libgtk1.2, but I still get the same error message about libgtk1.2 did install correctly, so I'm not sure what else to do here? I use...
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    [ubuntu] Re: intermittent log-in problem when booting

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    [ubuntu] intermittent log-in problem when booting

    I use Ubuntu 10.04, and every now and then I have a problem logging into Ubuntu. Boot-up goes fine, but when I get to log-in splash screen, there's nothing there other than the splash screen...
  6. Thread: Update FAIL

    by crash123

    [ubuntu] Re: Update FAIL

    Thanks, forestpiskie: I was just about to post the same question, but you've answered it already.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Accidentally deleted panel applet...

    Brallan answered my question: even after adding the notification area, I still wan't seeing the volume control until issuing that command from the terminal. But as soon as I close the terminal, the...
  8. Re: how to install Avast 4 for Ubuntu 8.04 (64-bit)

    Confirmed to work with 10.04 Beta 1, 64-bit. Awesome directions, thanks!
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    [gnome] Re: Trouble changing specific launcher icons

    Ha, thanks gadolinio, I knew the solution had to be obvious. Can't believe I never tried just clicking the pic under properties.
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    [gnome] Trouble changing specific launcher icons

    I just installed ubuntu 9.10 and I'm wondering how to change the icons for individual launchers on the desktop, ones I have on the panel and ones I have in my launcher menu.

    I know to change...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Synaptic Package Manager Closes

    I just started having this exact same problem this morning, completely out of the blue. But I then tried to open synaptic through the terminal, and it worked fine with no error messages or anything....
  12. [ubuntu] Re: No network connection: AR5008 Wireless and Wireless WiFi Link 5100

    Okay, nevermind...for now. I just restarted again, and now the internet works fine. That would've been the smart thing to do the last time around.

    But I still have no idea why it didn't work the...
  13. [ubuntu] No network connection: AR5008 Wireless and Wireless WiFi Link 5100

    Let me start by saying that yes, I have checked the wifi wiki, and though it doesn't say much about either of my two wireless adapters well...see below.

    I've been using Xubuntu 9.10 for the past...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: No Network Devices After Ubuntu 9.10 Upgrade

    I had a very similar problem with the toshiba m305-s4910. This is a bit of a story, but maybe it will be helpful somehow. I dunno.

    I was running a dual boot of x64 Vista and Ubuntu 9.04. Internet...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: wireless internet stopped working (ethernet still working)

    I've tried out dmesg and posted what looked relevant (athk9k starts showing up in the second section). Thanks for taking a look.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: wireless internet stopped working (ethernet still working)

    I should clarify that I don't have the ethernet hooked up right now. The router is in another room in the house, but over the weekend I tested things by hooking up to it through ethernet to see if...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: wireless internet stopped working (ethernet still working)

    Thanks for the help, Iowan. I've run ifconfig -a and lshw -c network and have attached the results here. I didn't see anything that stuck out to me, but then again, I'm pretty clueless. It does...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: wireless internet stopped working (ethernet still working)


    can anyone help here?
  19. [ubuntu] wireless internet stopped working (ethernet still working)

    I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 a few days ago on my laptop (dual-booting with Vista). At first, my wireless was hit or miss; sometimes the built-in Intel card would pick up signals, sometimes my belkin...
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