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    [ubuntu] Looking for port of AutoHotKey


    I found the program AutoHotKey
    which allows for programmed initiation of keypresses and mouse clicks.
    It is open source.

    Where could I find Linux port or...
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    [ubuntu] How to dpkg and ssh problems on iPhone 4

    Hi, these must be very simple questions but I can't seem to find answers to.

    I have iPhone 4 (running iOS4.1) and Ubuntu 10.10. I do not use Macbook at all.

    (1) After I SSH onto iPhone4 (which...
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    How to setup Phonegap (iOS) on ubuntu

    Hi, my aim is very straight forward yet I can't seem to find the instructions for it. I browsed through phonegap's website and it's still not clear.

    I have a hello world...
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    [ubuntu] Difficulty using SCP in SSH

    Hi, my goal is to send test.tgz which is located on John's computer under /home/john/iphone
    over to
    John's iphone under the directory

    John's Ubuntu machine is the local machine....
  5. [ubuntu] How well does Ubuntu and VMware run on Galaxy tab?

    Hi, I am looking for a tablet PC that is small enough (eg. 7" wide) to fit into my lab coat pocket, has 3G, camera(s), and runs Windows 7. I will mainly be running Microsoft OneNote and Excel on it...
  6. After grep -B1, how to merge the two lines into one please

    I grepped infile for the line containing greptext, plus the line just before it, and I saved both lines to outfile.

    grep -B1 'greptext' infile > outfile

    So now outfile has two lines, for...
  7. How to multithread wget i times in one command line?

    Wget itself is not multithread but I can issue them serially linked up by & and with -N parameter to skip already existing files eg:

    wget -r -N &
    wget -r -N...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Question about using sed to extract content between two strings

    Thanks! :KS
  9. Re: [Ubuntu] How to search across 50000 files for matches with any of 200 strings?

    Thanks gunksta!
  10. [ubuntu] Question about using sed to extract content between two strings

    I have an index.txt file and in there amongst other code contains this line:
    <h1>This is the answer</h1>

    I would like to use sed to extract the string between <h1> and </h1> ie. the output I want...
  11. Re: [Ubuntu] How to search across 50000 files for matches with any of 200 strings?

    Thanks gunksta for the reply. How do I import the file (containing the list of 200 strings) to grep?

    Can I do something like :

    grep -e stringlist.txt $i or not?

  12. [Ubuntu] How to search across 50000 files for matches with any of 200 strings?


    I have a directory (and subdirectories) full of html files. In total about 50,000 files.

    I want to run a search to see which of these files contain any of a list of say 200 strings. The...
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    [ubuntu] How do I psftp or winscp as root?

    Local machine is Win7. Remote is Ubuntu 8.10

    I logged onto remote machine using psftp and also winscp. When I try to upload files I keep getting "Permission denied".

    I guess there are two ways...
  14. [ubuntu] How to remote access GUI of a Ubuntu from Windows 7 on same LAN?


    I have at least 2 computers on my home LAN. One computer runs Ubuntu (call it the remote computer). The other computer is my laptop which runs Windows 7.

    I am able to access Ubuntu machine...
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    [ubuntu] How to do things as root in GUI mode?


    I'm cutting and pasting and editting a handful of system files eg. (/var/www). In command line I can happily sudo and do things the way I like but if I try to do similar actions in GUI, the...
  16. [ubuntu] How do I check what my network and gateaway IP's are please?


    I'm trying to setup ISPConfig. Part of the installation process requires I set up my network values in a particular file called "/etc/network/interfaces":

    iface eth0 inet static
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    Typo in forum rules


    This is a minor issue. I was reading through the forum rules at work when nothing much was happening. I picked up a few typo's in the forum rules (the one new users need to agree to when they...
  18. [ubuntu] How to set up forum to email validation email to new applicants?


    I have a discussion forum (using Discuz!7.01) running on Ubuntu 8.10 with PHP5, MySQL and Apache2. A problem I have now is unable to send emails to new users' emailboxes. When new people...
  19. [ubuntu] What's the quickest, simplest and idiot proof way to set up POP3 and SMTP servers?

    What's the quickest, simplest and idiot proof way to set up POP3 and SMTP servers on Ubuntu 8.10 please? I had a look around. The 'shortest' tutorial talks about using VHCS but even this tutorial...
  20. [ubuntu] How to set up PHP and MySQL for a chat bot (Program E)?


    1) I'm trying to run a PHP chat bot called Program E. It requires I have at least "PHP (4.0.4+) compiled --with-mysql and --with-xml and a recent version of MySQL 3.23.xx and Apache".

  21. [ubuntu] How to patch up desktop edition to have server functionalities


    I have Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop edition installed. I also use this same computer to run a forum for which I had Apache2, PHP5, MySQL and then Discuz!7 installed. So pretty much my current desktop...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Need help starting localhost/Ubuntu/install/index.php to install Discuz!7

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for the reply. I found three httpd.conf on my hard disk:

    The one under etc/phpmyadmin is quite big (328 bytes) with lots of things in...
  23. [ubuntu] Need help starting localhost/Ubuntu/install/index.php to install Discuz!7


    My aim is to install Discuz!7.00 on Ubuntu 8.10 which has Apache2, PHP5, MySQL and phpMyAdmin and ModMono onboard to my best knowledge. My question in short is, how do I get...
  24. [ubuntu] Virtual Box "VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (rc=-1908)" and setup ignoring me


    I'm trying to install Virtualbox onto Ubuntu 8.10 (to play Sims 3 on XP). I installed Virtualbox via Synaptic Package Manager and set up a virtual drive etc. and I have my WinXP disc in the...
  25. [Ubuntu] How to activate Excel Analysis Toolpak for Excel 2007 running via WINE

    As title thanks.

    I successfully installed Excel 2007 and it runs smoothly. Problem is Excel doesn't come with Excel Analysis Toolpak activated. I attempted to activate it by the follow:

    1. ...
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