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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Laptop display not being recognized as such

    Tried, but still whichever value I assing it from the ones that pops, do not work.
    Either way I went back to Debian and I do not have this problem, so maybe the tittle should be set to solved.
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to disable the 6 gettyes?

    Hey! Sorry to bump, but I thought clarifing something was needed:
    Since upstart was lastly added, /etc/inittab is not present, so the solution is actually to play with the events as has been...
  3. [ubuntu] Locks up after changing to TTYS and resuming from Hibernation

    Ok, so here's the deal:
    When I change to a tty and try to go back to X, the screen goes into a rainbow-like colour and locks up, I have to manually shut down it, same happens with hibernation.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Laptop display not being recognized as such

    Thanks for the fast reply, still both solutions explained there didn't work at all.
    Related mainly to the second script the diference with ATIM, where such thing does not exist in my system at all....
  5. [ubuntu] Laptop display not being recognized as such

    Hi, well, I can't change the brightness of my laptop display, as it's not being recognized like it, whenever I try to move it lower, it tells me:

    #~: xbacklight -set 50
    No output have backlight...
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