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  1. ffmpeg merge 2 videos while replacing audio in one video... at the same time

    So, I've been tearing my hair since yesterday trying to solve this problem.
    The real life situation is far more complex than the Title discribes. Although, the title sums up the most significant...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Piping and redirection of stdout

    Hurray, I tried only the 2>&1 thingie and it worked.

    like this:
    <code>ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -f mp3 2>&1 - | sox -t mp3 - output.mp3</code>
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    [SOLVED] Re: Piping and redirection of stdout

    Thanks for the suggestion, didn't work and here is the output.

    ffmpeg -i input.mp3 >/dev/null 2>&1 - | sox -t mp3 - output.mp3
    sox FAIL formats: can't open input `-':

    Adding back the "-f...
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    [SOLVED] Piping and redirection of stdout

    I'm piping ffmpeg into sox, which works great. But I want to also redirection stdout to /dev/null.

    ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -f mp3 - | sox -t mp3 - output.mp3 &>/dev/null

    The command above...
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    [SOLVED] Re: MEncoder pipe into SoX

    Ohh, so I had to put "-o -" in the mencoder command. I thought "-" was sox own syntax, but it seemed to work. Thank you very very much.
    On a side note, I usually use ffmpeg, but while writing the...
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    [SOLVED] MEncoder pipe into SoX

    I'm trying to pipe audio output from MEncoder into SoX to no avail.

    mencoder -aid 1 input.avi -of rawaudio -oac mp3lame -ovc copy | \
    sox -t mp3 - output.mp3 gain -3

    The input is an avi file...
  7. Re: ffmpeg / avconv overlay + scale +audio + time

    Sorry for late reply and thank you for your reply.

    I've updated ffmpeg via a precompiled repo.

    But I get this error.
  8. Re: ffmpeg / avconv overlay + scale +audio + time

    This is the output when a recorded video ( is in 1280x720p.

    However, sometimes (depending on the game) the video will be in 1920x1080, but both the video and audio codecs should be...
  9. ffmpeg / avconv overlay + scale +audio + time

    So, I record gaming videos and render them via scripts. Today I made a watermark of sorts to overlay over my videos.

    I've been searchin high and low for 3 problems I'm having.
    First of, the...
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    [ubuntu] Brasero doesn't find mplex in 13.04

    So, I installed Ubuntu 13.04 32 bit a couple of weeks ago.

    Now, when I try to make a video-proejct, I get the error messages that I need to manually install "mplex (GStreamer-plugin)". So, I...
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    Re: XML Newbie (youtube api) from Bash

    Instead of my own confused speculations on what needs to be done (xml parsing and what not), let me restate what I want, and you can work from there.

    I want to be able to pull data such as latest...
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    XML Newbie (youtube api) from Bash

    So, as the title suggests, I have no experience in XML.
    However, I do need a reliable way to get data via the youtube api's. I've tried grep/sed-ing the shizzle out of it, thought I got it to work,...
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    [ubuntu] Systemlog errors?

    So, ever since I configured my ubuntu server so that it can send e-mails, I get scores of e-mails about errors. It's mostly been cron running my own scripts that has failed under some conditions,...
  14. Re: PHP to check/test text-content on another site.

    Thanks for your suggestions. The "required" stuff solved one of the problems, thank you both for that.

    I havn't been able to figure out where to insert epicoders jquery script. My friend is...
  15. Re: Character issues when PHP -> Bash -> MySQL

    Thanks for you suggestion SeijiSensei.

    All charvar tables in the database where set to the Swedish UTF-8. And well, after more research I found that the problem only arose when www-data executed...
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    Re: Get an image from URL and rename

    Here's an quick and dirty solution. Mark and copy all the numbers from the first row, and paste it into a file that is "list1.txt" in your ssh session ("nano list1.txt" then press "ctrl + shift + v"...
  17. Character issues when PHP -> Bash -> MySQL

    My website has a php form, which passes info into a bash script via arguments, the bash script then feeds this into a MySQL table.

    If I write " " (it's a Swedish site) into the form, the...
  18. PHP to check/test text-content on another site.

    I'm new to PHP, I'm creating a page where people can upload zip/rar-files, and I'd be happy to receive some help. And I hope it will be a fun challange to someone who knows the ins and out's of php....
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Apache2 PHP fail to write to bind directory

    I solved it myself. I had bounded the "/home/website/" directory to "/var/www", and somehow, the "/home/website/subdirectory" that was bound, was not mirrored in the "/var/www" directory.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Apache2 PHP fail to write to bind directory

    Update: I just "unbinded" the subdirectory and typed an "ls" in the directory and the file that was supposed to go to the binded directory was there. Sooo, somehow Apache or PHP doesn't follow the...
  21. [ubuntu] Apache2 PHP fail to write to bind directory

    I think I have some trouble with permissions.

    sdb1 is mounted as EXT4 to a subfolder in /media/, and it works fine.
    There are 3 directories in the root of sdb1, which are all "bind":ed via...
  22. Re: Bash Script to read and compute several lines

    Thank you both of you for your suggestions! :)

    I went the "non awk" route, even though the awk thing worked, I'm yet to familiarize myself with awk and how it's syntax goes, and I already needed...
  23. Bash Script to read and compute several lines

    So, I have a file which get a new number added to it every day. And I want to read the 7 last numbers from this file, add them together and then divide by 7 to get an average.

    week=$(tail -n 7...
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    Re: Crontab is being picky :P

    Ehm, yeah... I was under the illusion that everything executed through crontab was done so with sudo privileges (as long as the user had sudo-privileges).

    I now set johan:root as the owner of www...
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    Re: Crontab is being picky :P

    Thank you for your response.

    The entire script looks like this.

    But even if "#!/bin/bash" was missing, wouldn't the file be marked as accessed(read) at 6:20 anyways, even if it wasn't able...
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