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    Moviestar planet


    Has anyone managed to be able to play MovieStar planet on Ubuntu? I see it requires Adobe Flash, and I have installed it, but we all know .. adobe has quit supporting flash on Linux.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Touchpad not working after update to 12.04 (DELL Latitude E5520)

    While I am on the Fix-things that does not work like it should - and reporting the findings, I have now fixed the sensitivenes of the touchpad/mouse:

    The sensitivenes was due to Gnome-3-settings...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Touchpad not working after update to 12.04 (DELL Latitude E5520)

    Check if synaptics-support for xorg is installed..

    I ran
    sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics

    and suddenly I the touchpad-tab in mouse-settings was visible.

    it's still a bit...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Touchpad not working after update to 12.04 (DELL Latitude E5520)

    If the trackpad isn't enabled in modprobe, it does not show up in settings.

    Currently my trackpad has become very sensitive, so I am removing the code that I've added to make it work.
  5. [gnome] Re: [gnome 3] how to remove items from applications menu?

    Worked like a charm here.
    Ubuntu 12.04
    Gnome 3
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Touchpad not working after update to 12.04 (DELL Latitude E5520)

    The modprobe commands also worked on my Dell E4310 after upgrading from 10.04LTS to 12.04.1 LTS.

    Maybe something for the devs to look at.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with routing the VPN network

    You are better off buying a hardware firewall with VPN on it.

    Or you have to create a linux firewall and then do the vpn stuff on it. this is just from the top of my head. I have not tried to do...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Samba4 Active Directory Server

    Samba4 has now entered Beta-stage.
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    Re: Ubuntu 12.04 installation issues

    I downloaded and burned a 12.04 64-bit CD and booted it. It does not show the menu that makes me choose Live CD or anything.

    Anyone know why this happened? Could it be that the CD was wrongly...
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    Re: HOWTO: Proper Screencasting on Linux

    Honestly though. Although using the commandline / shell to create a screen capture / screencast, it shouldn't have to be like this in 2012.

    Recordmydesktop (RMD) should have been upgraded so that...
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    [ubuntu] Zywall USG20 VPN


    I have purchased a Zywall USG20 Firewall. It comes with IPSec VPN and so I have tried to make my Ubuntu 10.04 connect to it. With no luck.

    Has anyone on this forum had any luck with this?
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    [all variants] Re: Laptop screen flickering off intermittently

    What you have to do to stop the flickering is to upgrade to any kernel above 2.6.36. I got in touch with some kernel guy on irc and he told me to get the 2.6.38-kernel, so I downloaded it and it...
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    Re: Ubuntu screensaver

    I think it is a good idea to have such a screensaver. I have been to numerous presentations where the windows logo is floating over the screen while nothing is happening.

    So it is a great place...
  14. Re: Universal Applets better than screenlets, gdesklets, and conky?

    To me it seems like all of the Widget frameworks ("Screenlets") projects have been abandoned and that no one are creating widgets/applets for any of them.
  15. [ubuntu] Changed label on usb-disk, now no automount

    Hi forum group,

    Under 9.04 I changed the name of my external USB-disk - this because i have two similar disks, and one is used for backups and the other holds my svn-repo.

    I renamed the label...
  16. Re: What good smartphone works well with Ubuntu? (May 2009)

    My HTC Touch Pro syncs with Evolution. It's a Windows Mobile Device. I am considering Hero, but I have read somewhere that it does not sync with Evolution. :/
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Laptop freezes when connecting HTC Magic Android phone

    Given up?

    I believe there is a general USB-problem in Karmic as I have problems with iPod and some USB-disks.

    Have you reported the bug in Launchpad?
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    [ubuntu] Re: MySQL installation Problem

    It could seem like you have some package manager running. But I am not sure.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: problems with Novatel Wireless HSDPA Modem nder Dell D420

    Well, the problem is not solved.

    When running the command wvdialconf wvdialtest.conf

    I get the following result:

    Editing `wvdialtest.conf'.

    Scanning your serial ports for a modem.
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    Re: La Vida- The Sims For Linux

    People -> Characters?

    I think this is a great project and someone should place it in Launchpad or somewhere else so that it _might_ get more human resources. Programming a game is probably one of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 9.04 on dell latitude 2100

    My experiences with Ubuntu 9.04 on a Dell Latitude D420 I would suggest that you went for the 8.10 and kept it running until the Intel drivers are updated.
    They can create a mess on your laptop.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dell C400 and ubuntu 9.04

    Same happens here as well. I believe it has something to do with the Intel Graphics Drivers.

    I haven't done much research to figure out how to fix it - yet.
  23. [ubuntu] Re: No mp3 support. Gstreamer plugins not working for Rhythmbox, Banshee

    I completely uninstalled Banshee and the gstreamer-plugins then installed
    ubuntu-restricted-extras and then installed Banshee.
    Now Banshee extracts to MP3 from CDs.
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    Re: inkscape // importing .eps + .pdf

    I have tried to open up a eps-file, but it didn't load correctly.

    I get a message saying:
    Inkscape has received additional data from the script executed. The script did not return an error, but...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 driver not in Hardy?

    Yup. Worked perfectly for me.
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