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  1. Re: Did the guy who made the default Ubuntu wallpapers in 2008 die or something?

    Ashton Lafferty created the much lauded Heron bird. I'll leave you guys to figure out what happened after that. His first work is documented on the aforementioned page here:...
  2. Re: Interesting deconstruction of new Ubuntu branding

    Wow. I'm sorry you feel that way.

    So let's see... would you prefer ZOMGAWESOME or DONOTWANT or LOLCATZ?

    You are aware that some people care enough about art and design to get degrees, study,...
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    [all variants] Re: Wacom tablets in Ubuntu guide/howto

    No, in Karmic.

    It only lists the two, where the USB only works fine.
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    [all variants] Re: Wacom tablets in Ubuntu guide/howto

    Only the Jaunty works here. The "new-generic" lists only my eraser and stylus. Jaunty version for USB works as expected. Intuos 3 USB 6x11.
  5. [ubuntu] Wacom / Dual Head Xinerma / Scaling Issue

    I'm sure I'm missing something simple here, but with dual head Xinerama mode activated, I can't get GIMP nor Inkscape to properly identify my xsetwacom settings.

    I have used xsetwacom to set the...
  6. Re: Obama logo and your art.

    Bear in mind that the original (top left of the montage) and its successor (down and left in the montage) were designed as part of this set.

    _MMA_ can post the link to the original series that we...
  7. Thread: Company Logo

    by Aphorism

    Re: Company Logo

    Depends on how serious you wish to be about your work. If you are serious, I would strongly recommend a solid book such as the Logo Design Workbook referenced near the end of this post.

  8. Re: How to remove icon from metacity title-bar

    How can I not reply to someone who names themselves after a terrific novel _and_ has the original video game artwork as an avatar?

    Welcome to the arcane world of Metacity theming.

    I'll try not...
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    Re: Art, Photography

    Ultimately it depends on what you wish to accomplish. Your options might fall into the following categories:

    Manipulate RAW files into useful formats - The one and only dcraw will do this for...
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    Re: Art, Photography

    Go with jcornuz's blog for the colour temp adjustments. His blog is terrific.

    As you are probably already doing -- shoot raw. dcraw is the standard from the CLI for getting into those...
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    Re: How to create x11 cursors?

    Hope this helps. You can create some intriguing new works using it. Pay close attention to the animated approach, as there are some roll-ons and roll-offs that might be achievable.

    man xcursorgen...
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    Request: GTK themer

  13. Thread: I'm amazed.

    by Aphorism

    Re: I'm amazed.

    Unfortunately, that information is stale.

    That applied to the 16 colour version of usplash. Since then, it has evolved somewhat since then. As of 6.10, usplash includes 256 colour 8 bit support....
  14. Re: Members of the community that provide alternate art work

    Generally, mixing and matching bits results in a sub optimal approach -- although Lizardking managed to do this quite successfully with OranSun.

    There are a few extra 'whole' themes in the...
  15. Thread: Rotorscope

    by Aphorism

    Re: Rotorscope

    The defacto compositor in Free Software is Blender currently.
    Rotoscoping is generally referred to when something cannot be keyed. If you require keying, GIMP GAP has a plugin, as does Blender.
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    Re: Ubuntu art devs use OS software right?????

    If you think Craig Mullen's work is a byproduct of a tool, you are effectively labeling yourself as such. In the end, he is simply a skilled artist. He could create something worth looking at using...
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    Re: Gutsy Community Theme--Key Words Poll

    I cannot stress this enough -

    For those of you that wish to see a healthy and viable Ubuntu art / design community, the time to step up is now.

    Creating anything of any quality will take time...
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    Re: Ubuntu Studio?

    Join #ubuntustudio on for more information and bleeding edge news.

    There have been unforeseen delays. The folks are working feverishly to get it out the door.

    As you can expect,...
  19. Re: Cinelerra 2.1 CV for Edgy Eft 6.10 [ How To / Tutorial ]

    I would prefer to compile it from scratch.

    lprofi's trick worked right up to the point of running the app -- at which point the SUV theme is not found and it bombs.


    Tried removing the...
  20. Re: Cinelerra 2.1 CV for Edgy Eft 6.10 [ How To / Tutorial ]

    lprofil -- Thank you kindly. I think that will resolve the issue. Perhaps the users of Ubuntu here in this thread should contact the CVS Cinelerra folks and update their Wiki so that everyone...
  21. Re: Cinelerra 2.1 CV for Edgy Eft 6.10 [ How To / Tutorial ]

    Not many folks know about this pretty heavyweight tool.

    Currently I am running native 64 bit on an amd64 X2 chip and am trying to get Cinelerra to compile.

    Last night, I had a header file...
  22. Re: Howto Install 32 bit Firefox with Flash w/sound and Java for AMD64

    Same here. Any progress on this Gearshifter?

    I don't get your pango errors however. It was working fine in Edgy, but the bump to Feisty seems to have stalled something.
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    Poll: Edgy Knot 3 Artwork

    Please vote on the following poll.

    Thank you kindly for your participation.
  24. Re: Running away from glossiness: my proposal for Edgy Eft

    While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I feel that I must address some of the issues in this thread. I apologize for not being able to read the forums more often, but this is purely a byproduct of my...
  25. Thread: Paris and all

    by Aphorism

    Re: Paris and all

    The wiki is undergoing some heavy restructuring to make it clearer for newer art folks to contribute and get involved.

    The links above might shift, and I'll try to keep you posted - although my...
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