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  1. Re: Question about Ubuntu with KDE installed. & SDR.

    Welcome to the forums, phuzzyday

    Here's my advice (keeping in mind that, when it comes to Linux, "choice" is the operative principle, so you can do whatever you want):

    KISS: Keep things...
  2. [all variants] Re: can I use a MacOS printer driver in Ubuntu?

    A VM is probably the easiest way for someone unfamiliar with the more esoteric ways of containers.

    There are other methods: Docker is one.

    If you are game for delving into Ubuntu's native...
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    Re: Keep away massive SSH login attempts

    Because many of us do not have our servers open to the WAN. We only run our servers within our local LAN. For me, fail2ban would be an impediment.
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    [ubuntu] Re: New Radeon Graphics with Ubuntu

    Welcome to the forums hiker-guy

    Please post your output between
    and tags for clarity. Or highlight the output and use the button in the *Adv...
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    Re: (Browser: Brave) backup

    At this point, it must be simply stated…

    If you refuse to follow the advice given, then there's no point in pleading further for help.
    If you won't follow up on your postings for days or...
  6. Re: Possible new ally against the bad guys?

    Interesting article. I especially appreciate the link within it to Richard Feynman's Personal Observations on Reliability of Shuttle. Richard Feynman is an intellectual hero of mine and his...
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    Re: Seeking advice on chess sites.

    Ain't that the truth?

    As always, thanks for the tips. I will continue to look into this one.
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    Re: Keep away massive SSH login attempts

    @ Elmi77

    Please refrain from using nonstandard fonts and styles when posting. This is especially problematic in code boxes, as it badly throws off proper spacing.
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    Re: Opinions about Partitioning Options

    It does involve added complexity. Where it's been useful for me is on the partition holding my standard release. Standard releases and their updates have gummed up my system on more than one...
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    Re: Seeking advice on chess sites.

    re: lichess

    FYI, upon perusing their terms of service, this might be an impediment:
    I'll try to figure out some arrangement with grandson's parents, but it's meant to be a site for...
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    Re: Seeking advice on chess sites.

    Exactly what I am looking for. Many thanks.

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    Re: Seeking advice on chess sites.


    True, unfortunately. I just want to keep it to a minimum. At some point, we also have to resign ourselves to taking them at their word, trusting their security savvy, etc. Once info is...
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    Seeking advice on chess sites.

    My grandson and I would like to play Internet chess with each other during this time of physical isolation. I'm therefore looking for advice from forum members about which chess platforms are safest....
  14. Re: Tablet 32GB boot and 512GB SD card make as one?

    To others who might read this thread:

    While the purely technical aspects of this thread are valid enough, the problem with it is that the OP's implementation leads to a highly fragile and brittle...
  15. Possible new ally against the bad guys?

    Intriguing article in the never‑ending battle…

    How the human immune system inspired a new approach to email security.
  16. Re: KVM Setup shared iSCSI storage for live migration

    Please use only standard formatting and fonts. Odd styles/fonts are hard on the eyes and do not display properly on small mobile screens.
  17. Re: Trying to Stream Doom Eternal in Discord and Fix Sound Crackling for Doom Eternal

    I believe that Discord was finally made available for Linux just a few months ago.


    I don't use Discord, so can't help you with technical particulars, but even for those knowledgeable enough...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Can't unlock screen since 20.10

    Thread moved to Installation & Upgrades as the more appropriate forum.
  19. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    You are one of our 800 pound security gorillas. If you recommend AV for Linux, I may have to revise my views.

    Do you recommend it and, if so, why?
  20. Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    I appreciate your linking to the site where you obtained your information. It actually clears the air and allows for a more considered rebuttal.

    Please note the following:

    The author,...
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    Re: Have you upgraded to 20.04?

    What did you find to be some of the more important enterprise headaches (that might prove useful for others thinking of the move)?
  22. [xubuntu] Re: Unable to Boot after Installing to SSD drive

    You may wish to read through the links in my sig: Linux is Not Windows and Resources for Newcomers. I've always found the following site to be friendly and useful for Linux newbies:...
  23. [other] Re: Netgear A6210 intermittent disconnection

    Thread moved to Networking & Wireless as the more appropriate forum.
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    [xubuntu] Re: File manager hanging.

    I'm way out of my league responding to anything dealing with multi‑seat (I have no experience with it), but have you looked at your logs? Especially after a freeze-up?

    That's the only suggestion I...
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    Re: Inkscape 1.0.1 in UbuntuStudio 20.04

    Very true, this.

    I was responding to OP's implied query that it might be necessary to populate his remaining memory slots with more RAM. In my opinion, this is an unnecessary expense and won't...
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