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    [all variants] Re: Firefox and trackers

    1. Firefox should not have trackes. Where did you get that from?

    2. I wouldn't rely on AVG, as the company is known for both user tracking and selling user data....
  2. [other] Re: Find Severity Risk of CVE's In Landscape

    This is rather vague? Is there different "Severity for the CVE's of that package" for different machines? Which package? How do "all michines" differe from each other?
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Update process interrupted by my kid, now can't start

    If the recovery mode doesn't work, there is probably no way to fix things without a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu. You should make one.

    Then, I'd try to check the root partition with <fsck> for...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How to lock Ubuntu

    You buy an iron box with a lock, put the workstation in, and lock the lock. Simple!
  5. Re: external HDD (fr dead laptop) w Mint 20.1 accessible in Ubu 20.10 desktop

    "...the Pi will [not] play nicely with Ulyssa", because Pi needs a different, armf, architecture to boot from.

    The "sexy" names are, apparently a french thing, and every time LM is mentioned, I...
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    [all variants] Re: BIOS Update for HP Compaq 6910p

    You need to use Windows or FreeDos. There is no magic way to run an exe BISO update on Ubuntu. It is not a nasty comment, it is reality.
  7. Re: Ubuntu 18.04 has never updated the Thunderbird package, why not? Fedora did.

    Thunderburd 78.8.1 is available for 18.04 from the Mozilla Security PPA. You are more then welcome to use it.
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    Re: Blocked update

    I am not sure the problem has anything to do with rpi-imager.
    You could try to remove it with <sudo dpkg -P rpi-imager>.
  9. Re: Which Ubuntu version should be fine with this device's specifications?

    Any version should work well on that hardware. It's up to your personal choice/liking of GUI and desktop environment.
    If not sure what to choose, try them, or read reviews.
  10. Re: My latest attempt to upgrade chrome

    Looks like there is a problem with Google's repository, or something it misconfigured at your end.
    I'd check what repository is added, and what packages it contains. Restart is obviously not...
  11. Re: ROS (robot operationg system)

    Looks like you've added a wrong repository to a wrong distro. There is no info about both, so no way to tell if it is right.
    Anyway, what can we do for you?
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    Re: Frequent updates

    Nah, I have a feeling it is alright. Don't fix what's not broken.
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Intel wireless not working after apt update and upgrade

    So, nothing is disabled, and should work.

    Let's check if the networking service is disabled, and if you have a custom kernel version:

    systemctl status networking

    uname -rv
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Intel wireless not working after apt update and upgrade

    Let us see the outputs of:

    rfkill list all

    lsb_release -d
  15. Re: I can't install Anydesk on Ubuntu server

    Well, it needs some dependencies, so run <sudo apt-get install -f> to install them.
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    Re: What is your opinion about CentOS ?

    I understand the CentOS issue is a big deal for some, so I hope those people won't get too upset, but I couldn't care less.
    It is somewhat naive to to expect IBM to pay billions for RH, and then...
  17. Re: Prebuilt driver for Realtek 8821CE

    No. Drivers are usually built against a specific kernel version, as opposed to your idea of a driver built once and used everywhere.

    There is no easy solution to your problem: there is only...
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    Re: where is my media file?

    Not very informative, but there isn't a file named "media" in Ubuntu. It also makes no sense trying to connect to a file.
    You might want to clarify the problem, a lot.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04

    Both are unsupported, not sure why bother. To upgrade, you need to have 12.04's repositories available. I doubt anyone keeps them for too many years, after the support ends.
  20. Re: snap should be dropped in desktop versions

    ...but why move forward if the old works, and you "don't want to be bothered with anything new"?
    May I sugges an abacus insted of a computer. Also, doesn't "cutting edge" mean "new" by defenition? ...
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    Re: Script to update and clean from menu

    Here you go:

    Not sure if it works in Pop, but worth a try.
  22. Re: Wich distro would be better for my potato?

    While it is still easy to find a distro that runs well, nothing will make that machine suitable for the internet. It was underpowered in 2008, and now it is also old. There are very limited usage...
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    Re: Libeoffice Offline Help

    What was the full output of the installation command?
    Also, probably obvious,but you need to relaunch LO.
  24. Re: Clean install windows 10 without affecting Ubuntu

    It is easy to make a mistake while installing an OS, for example, format or delete a wrong partition, overwrite files, etc. To be on the safe side, it is always advised to keep a backup of all...
  25. Re: Ubuntu won't boot even after disk repair

    I don't think grub has fdisk to resize partitions. Use the same howto you've linked to in post #1.
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