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    [ubuntu] Re: Toshiba DynaDock usb 3.0 help! Cash Reward!

    Same boat - I'd love to use my dynadock on Ubuntu!

    If only Toshiba didn't have such abysmal support for linux... :(

    - Trib'
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    [ubuntu] Re: Samsung Galaxy i9000 not recognized

    Here are the exact steps for mine to be seen:

    - Plug cable. (device says "USB connected" and an USB logo appears).
    - On the phone, pull the notification area.
    - Tap the USB notification
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    [ubuntu] Re: Local Repository question

    You might want to have a look at apt-proxy. It's a very efficient way to save bandwidth if you have multiple Ubuntu machines on the same LAN. The first machine downloads the package from the repos,...
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    Re: HTC Evo 4G release date/pricing info

    Any word on a non carrier-locked version of the EVO 4g?
    I have nothing against Sprint, but I don't live in the US :)

    - Trib'
  5. Thread: Be honest !

    by tribaal

    Re: Be honest !

    LaTeX, clearly :)

    - Trib'
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    Re: Best video game ever made

    The elder scrolls II: Daggerfall wins hands down.

    Save for the graphics, it has the biggest replay value ever (pretty much all dungeons are random... and the world is *enormous*).

    - Trib'
  7. Re: Taking Ubuntu to new heights (literally) in Africa

    From Wikipedia: "The last major eruption has been dated to 360,000 years ago, while the most recent activity was recorded just 200 years ago"


    Hope this helps!

    Hehe :)
  8. Re: Taking Ubuntu to new heights (literally) in Africa

    Haha, and they have more charm than I do, that's for sure :)

    I still win the stickers thing however ;)

    Thanks for the link, I'll send them a little kudos.

    - Trib'
  9. Re: Taking Ubuntu to new heights (literally) in Africa

    If they go all this trouble just to beat me, well fair enough, they'd deserve it ;)

    - Trib'
  10. Re: Taking Ubuntu to new heights (literally) in Africa

    Hehe that's because I packed one "just in case" and pretty much forgot to remove it from the backpack before climbing.

    It turned out to be handy during the trip for other reasons however since...
  11. Re: Taking Ubuntu to new heights (literally) in Africa

    Well it's a pretty expensive adventure really...

    To climb, you need a guide and a crew.

    Guides are certified by the state of Tanzania, and since tourism is one of the main (only) source of...
  12. Re: Taking Ubuntu to new heights (literally) in Africa

    Of course not!
    That's only one minute of Ubuntu for months of preparation, and several days of actually... you know... getting there? :)
    This post in on an operating system centric forum... Kind...
  13. Taking Ubuntu to new heights (literally) in Africa

    Hi folks,

    I think I now hold the record for the highest stuck Ubuntu sticker (5895m ASL) :)

    My girlfriend and I just finished climbing Mt. Killimanjaro, and since I use Ubuntu exclusively, I...
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    Re: What do you like having for breakfast?

    I crave for two things most people think is weird for breakfast:

    Cenovis on a slice of buttered bread.
    Muesli with orange juice instead of the traditional milk.

    I sometimes have both....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Karmic X64 eats all my memory

    What's the output of "free -m"?
    You can sort running programs by memory consumption in "top":
    - Launch "top" in a terminal
    - Open the "sorting" screen (press Ctrl-O)
    - press "n" to sort by...
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    [SOLVED] Re: A Python question

    Ah, classical mistake :)

    Simply put, if the code passes in no branch, you ask python to return "value" when it has not been defined.

    Probably your second "elif" statement should be an "else"...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: My Nvidia card fan behaves strangely with 185+ drivers (nVidia 8400M GS)

    Ok I fixed it.

    Upgrading the BIOS for my computer solved the problem entirely for me, and I have the latest 185* drivers working perfectly without any fan problems.

    The procedure to upgrade...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing nvidia 180.60 drivers

    I'm having the same issue. Cannot compile the nvidia driver module on Ubuntu 9.10.

    Anybody have a workaround?

    - Trib'
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    Re: dragon age - playable? - performance?

    I'm considering buying this game too, I'll try and report here if/when I get it.

    - Trib'
  20. [SOLVED] My Nvidia card fan behaves strangely with 185+ drivers (nVidia 8400M GS)

    Hi folks,

    I have a Dell M1330 laptop that runs Ubuntu beautifully since I bought it.

    However, since I upgraded to 9.10, the nVidia drivers have been bumped from 180.* to 185.*, and now my video...
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    Re: Desktop Linux 10% market share

    Funny :)

    Since I'm a Python geek I decided to actually code it:
    (for purists, I know I should be parsing command-line arguments and whatnot, but I'm lazy)

    def linux_desktop_share(year):...
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    Re: [Python]Thinking like a programmer.....

    I had the same problem, and for be the turning point was to learn to decompose problems in "big chucks", then divide theses chunks into smaller components, then take one component and start thinking...
  23. Re: Good ZDnet Article: Windows 7's latest fan: Linus Torvalds

    When in doubt, check the source.

    Funny how it works both for software and for journalism, doesn't it?

    - Trib'
  24. Re: Test out Gnome3 in two easy steps! Then discuss.

    gnome-shell is available for 9.10 (Karmic) only, I couldn't find it on Jaunty (9.04).

    It feels a bit strange to me, but mostly because i'm not used to it I guess. Nice, however.

    - Trib'
  25. Re: What kind of Cell Phone do you own? What is your dream Phone?

    I'm a proud and pleased owner of an HTC hero.

    Get one, it rocks :)

    PS: I have no HTC shares ;)

    - Trib'
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