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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Acer Aspire s3 and Ubuntu 11.10 fan/power managment problems

    After updating to the beta of precise pangolin nearly everything should work. For the details that don't I have created the following wiki page:
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    Re: HOWTO : eGalax Touchscreen on Ubuntu 10.10

    The above error messages indicate that some of the packages your linux knows about have version numbers that indicate that they are mutually incompatible to each other. Normally this happens only on...
  3. Re: Samsung N210 Brightness, Suspend, Hibernate

    Could not have described the problem better. Already filed a bug report: for this.
    Adding a file (e.G. using sudo gedit) named
  4. [gnome] Re: The panel encountered a problem while loading [...]

    On my computer the following has helped:
    - On the login screen enter your user name but not your password
    - As soon as you have entered your user name and pressed <RETURN> at the bottom of the...
  5. Re: Segmentation fault after any update/install

    Ext4 is nothing but ext3 with some extended features. And as long as you don't start using features that completely aren't part of ext3 (some extended attributes, I think, and really overized...
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    Re: gnome equivalent to kdesvn / tortoisesvn

    On the pre-alpha Ubuntu Maverick I am currently using there is a package named rabbitvcs-nautilus that - according to should so the trick with the overlay icons --- AND...
  7. [mythbuntu] Re: suspend module unload after stopping services

    Did find a way to make it work with more power management backends:

    Create a file in /etc/pm/config.d/ (The name of this file doesn't seem to matter) and put the following line into it:

  8. [mythbuntu] Re: suspend module unload after stopping services

    Even if I had a different problem (I want to unload ath-hal on suspend) I came to the same solution. In my case solving the problem was possible by addding the module name to the MODULES= line of...
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    Re: Intrepid on a Acer Aspire One

    The mic problem I can confirm, but at least I have answers for the wifi prompting for the passphrase again that seem to work for me:

    The Gibberish should actually be the passphrase --- only...
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    Re: LaTeX and epstopdf

    It doesn't really seems like this has happened in this case, but a common thing to go wrong is that

    LaTeX doesn't support pdf images. It only, and I mean *only* supports eps
    pdfLaTeX supports...
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