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  1. [ubuntu] Re: XBMC (Dharma official) grooveshark addon

    Installed XBMC on two Ubuntu 10.10-64bit computers tonight. On one of them, addons work fine. On the other, the download stays stuck at 0% complete like you describe above. I don't know what...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: X wont start when a monitor isn't plugged in at boot time

    As another possible solution: I converted an old 10.04 desktop to a headless system today, and ran into a similar problem. Wouldn't boot correctly into X after the screen was removed. This is what...
  3. [ubuntu] usb card reader not working; excessive error messages logged to syslog

    I have a USB card reader that works fine on one of my older computers running 10.04. But when I bring that same card reader to my new computer running 10.10, it fails to work and the following error...
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    [SOLVED] How to install XBMC in Ubuntu 10.10

    There is lots of confusing information on how to get XBMC installed. I took some of the information from...
  5. [ubuntu] Nuvoton infra-red remote and Ubuntu 10.10?

    I have an ASRock ION330HT which comes with a Nuvoton infra-red remote.

    The web site has some questionable out-of-date .deb files and instructions for getting it to work on older versions of...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Wacom: remap buttons on the sylus in Ubuntu 10.04

    Also see where I recently solved not only this problem, but the "sticky mouse click" problem in better way than having to run a script every time...
  7. [SOLVED] How to fix "sticky" wacom stylus click in Ubuntu 10.10

    I don't know when it started, but my Wacom stylus clicks haven't been working right. It seems to do the "click down" correctly, but hasn't always been doing the "click up" when I release the...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: how to get past this error while installing xbmc?

    There is so much confusing information and variations when it comes to xbmc...! But I finally got it installed. I'm not 100% certain which step finally got things running, but here are the ones I...
  9. [SOLVED] how to get past this error while installing xbmc?

    I'm trying to install XBMC for the first time. Machine is an ION 330HT running fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.

    The steps I found are for 9.10, not 10.04, and they don't seem to work...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: X wont start when a monitor isn't plugged in at boot time

    I spent way too much time on this problem over the past few days...but I found the solution. Seems this may be a known issue when working on headless systems. Here is what I did to solve the...
  11. [SOLVED] X wont start when a monitor isn't plugged in at boot time

    I have a system I use as a file server running Ubuntu 10.04. I don't have a screen hooked up to this system. When this system reboots, if there is no screen, X wont start on it. This then prevents...
  12. [SOLVED] Wacom: remap buttons on the sylus in Ubuntu 10.04

    In previous releases, I've always had to remap my Wacom stylus buttons to work as I want, where the button on the barrel is "right-mouse"click.

    Back in the earlier Ubuntu 6.x and 7.x days, this is...
  13. [SOLVED] Firefox wont start after upgrading to 10.04

    Firefox didn't want to start after I upgraded to 10.04.

    Finally, I found if I tried to start it from the command-line, it would seg fault:

    LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library...
  14. [ubuntu] VLC window is semi-transparent in 10.04

    I've upgraded to 10.04. Now when I try to run VLC (1.0.6 Goldeneye) the window appears semi-transparent.

    If I switch the Ubuntu "Visual Effects" to "None", then the semi-transparent window goes...
  15. [SOLVED] HOWTO get the Sylvania MP3 player to work with Ubuntu

    Picked up two Sylvania SMPS1017 MP3 players for Christmas, and was getting ready to bring them back to the store when I finally got them working with Ubuntu 9.10.

    These are the .mp3 players in...
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    [all variants] Re: wrong colors in movies

    My solution *is* a permanent solution! You'll only have to do it once. And I also only use VLC, I don't normally use the Movie Player. You should try it:

    Click on: Application -> Sound & Video...
  17. Re: Howto: Configure Pidgin for Google Talk

    Still works for me. I'm using 2.6.2 in Ubuntu 9.10. I doubt the Pidgin team would let support lapse very long for one of the biggest networks of users.

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    [all variants] Re: wrong colors in movies

    Click on: Application -> Sound & Video -> Movie Player
    The click on: Edit -> Preferences -> Display -> Reset To Defaults

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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Banking Site is very slow

    Maybe 1/2 dozen times I've escalated and been told someone would call back within 48 hours. I've not once gotten a call back.

    I've now written letters to the board of directors which I intend to...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: How do I copy (rip?) my DVDs?

    My fault -- there is a typo in my original command. Don't use cp, but cat. The quote above contains my typo. The corrected commands that are identical are:

    cat /dev/cdrom >...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] How do I copy (rip?) my DVDs?

    Thank you for all the suggestions. In summary, these were suggested:

    1) handbrake
    2) k9copy
    3) acidrip

    First one I tried was Handbrake, and not only does it work well, it is available for...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: How do I copy (rip?) my DVDs?

    Er? How is that any different than what I wrote in my original post?

    And what does copyright have anything to do with me watching DVDs I purchased on my computer?

  23. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] How do I copy (rip?) my DVDs?

    I would like to store my children's DVDs on their computer for them to watch. I already know that I can create .iso files using:

    cat /dev/cdrom > ~/Desktop/name_of_dvd.iso
    The kids know how to...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: How to use Xeos digital photo keychain with Ubuntu?

    Yes, that would be the one.

    It apparently comes with MAC and Windows software on the device, not that I can see it.

    Some of the screenshots show the software on a MAC. Note that Xeos seems...
  25. [ubuntu] How to use Xeos digital photo keychain with Ubuntu?

    I purchased a Xeos digital photo keychain, thinking since it came with a USB cable, it likely will show up as a drive under Ubuntu, and I can copy my images to it.

    Unfortunately not. When I...
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