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    Question on Ubuntu pinyin input


    I spend some time on input configuration on Ubuntu 16.04. It does not work as expected yet. I use China mainland pinyin method. BTW, the pinyin in Windows 10 works well. I don't know the...
  2. Re: Ubuntu 16.04LTS cannot shutdown smoothly in a dual boot

    Below links show the message when Windows 10 runs after Ubuntu installed:
  3. Ubuntu 16.04LTS cannot shutdown smoothly in a dual boot


    My new Dell XPS 8900 PC cannot install Ubuntu 16.04 at first for its video card issue. After using procedures below link, it is successfully installed along with Windows 10.
  4. [SOLVED] There is no effect of 'cat >>tmpppp

    Originally, I type the command:

    cat >>tmpppp <<"EOF"

    it always at

    waiting for input.
  5. Why does cmake write output files to folder: .local/share/Trash/files


    I am trying to use cmake on Ubuntu 14.04, 32-bit OS. I find that although the destion folder is set correct:

    From message echo, it shows that it writes to:
  6. What meaning is option '--delete-after' of rsync?


    I see the following command on-line:
    rsync -rl --delete-after --safe-links pi@192.168.1.PI:/{lib,usr} $HOME/raspberrypi/rootfs

    Although I have check the option '--delete-after' of terminal...
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    [SOLVED] What status is after a Ctrl+Alt+F2?

    When I accidently press 'Ctrl+Alt+F2', it jumps from Ubuntu 12.04 GUI to a full screen black/while text terminal, showing something ...tty4, login:...
    Even I have tried several user name at...
  8. [SOLVED] What is the suspicious pre-string: rsh wolf ?


    When I read book linux device driver. there is an example memory map display.
    See below dot line please.
    The first command is:
    #cat /proc/1/maps

    The second line after a '#' sign...
  9. How to create a contiuous memory block in Linux kernel for a user application?


    I have PCIe card. TI' application not said that

    Alternative memory allocation scheme

    As an...
  10. Re: How to change pre-text display in terminal window?

    The terminal has pre-text:

    I want it to be:

    Some poster wants the action of the computer of echo "$PS1". Here is it:
  11. Re: Is '4GB' memory a special meaning/restriction in PC with Ubuntu ?

    It is absolutely not a home work. It is a self work on a new position. I have the DSP card on that link used, but not buy a PCIe adapter card yet. I really want to know Linux programming at this...
  12. Is '4GB' memory a special meaning/restriction in PC with Ubuntu ?


    A embedded image processing PCIe card can work with PC on an Ubuntu 12.04 OS. From the below description, it looks like 4 GB is a special restriction on the Ubuntu PC memory. Could you give me...
  13. Is the Memory allocated using malloc is not contiguous in Ubuntu?


    I read the following on a PCIe card for X86 PC computer:

    Memory allocated using malloc is not contiguous. Ubuntu Linux 12.04 doesn’t have any user mode APIs to allocate contiguous physical...
  14. How to change pre-text display in terminal window?


    Due to different applications, I have several Ubuntu, such as one 14.04 64-bit, another is 12.02 64-bit. When I installed the 12.02 Ubuntu, I thought it was a 32-bit. I named it U12-32Bit at...
  15. How to turn off mouse activation of out of sleep

    I have a ubuntu 12.04 installed PC. When it sleeps, a little mouse movement will wake up the PC. I do not want it so sensitive. Could you tell me how to turn mouse power management off?

  16. Re: How to setup network when I put a hard drive back

    Thank you. What you said is correct, but there is nothing that I can delete now.

    BTW, I see that under the right up corner, pull down menu: both "Wired Network" and "device not managed" are grey...
  17. Re: How to setup network when I put a hard drive back

    After I run the following commands, the internet works on this PC.

    sudo service network-manager stop
    [sudo] password for robert:
    network-manager stop/waiting
    robert@Aspire-M5100:~$ sudo...
  18. How to setup network when I put a hard drive back

    I have two PCs A and B. I used to have hard drive hdA and hdB with A. For diagnose PC B, I had moved hdB at PC B and it can connect to internet. Now, I put hdB back to PC A. There is no internet...
  19. There is no "Launcher icon size" adjustment bar

    I have two PC installed Ubuntu 12.04, the same version OS, 32 bit. One Ubuntu launcher icon size has been adjusted to small font long time ago. I want to get the same small icon/font on another...
  20. There is no file: /boot/grub/menu.lst now after a modification at grub

    I have a dual boot Windows Vista/Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. This PC is a Acer compatible (AMD CPU Phenom).
    I want to change the boot order to Vista as default/first. I run:

    sudo su
    cd /etc/grub.d/...
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    How to clone a WRC git repository?


    I find a useful Python tool on line.

    I want to practice with its project. But I am still new to Linux and do not know
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    Where is iptables?


    I am using Ubuntu 12.04 on a project connecting with an embedded linux target. I am setting up an NFS server on host Ubuntu 12.04 PC. It looks like NFS has problems and I am checking it step...
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    [SOLVED] SSH Port 22 used without intention

    I run gdb debugger remotely on a host PC (ubuntu 12.04, 32 bit). At first I can connect to the target with its IP address. Now I don't know what reason itself adds a port 22, which gives error...
  24. [ubuntu] Can a large hard drive be installed two (or more) Ubuntu OS?

    Because I often reinstall Ubuntu when I cannot recover some problems, I would like to have a hard drive installed more Linux copies. That is, I can select one Linux (same Ubuntu) boot. When one...
  25. [ubuntu] Do the application need to reinstall at home directory?

    Due to unrecoverable problems of my Ubuntu 12.04, 32 bit, I want to reinstall the OS. The home directory is in a separate partition. There are several applications was installed under the home...
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