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    Re: HOWTO: Lexmark Printers

    Lexmark z65 on Kubuntu Intrepid (lenny/sid) or Debian (sid/experimental)

    Error: sh -keep
    Creating directory installer...
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    Re: PS3 / Ubuntu Friends

    PS3NID: candell
    xbox 360 live!: candell

    Add me!
  3. Re: Ubuntu / Debian installed on the PlayStation 3 (PS3)

    Here is a quick HOWTO on installing Ubuntu / Xubuntu / Kubuntu / Debian Unstable on the PlayStation 3:


    If you are attempting to do the install tonight...
  4. HOWTO: PlayStation 3 - Installing Ubuntu on the PS3

    The original and current version of this howto will be here:

    * HOWTO:
    * Images:

    Installing Debian Linux / Ubuntu...
  5. Re: Ubuntu / Debian installed on the PlayStation 3 (PS3)

    thats one of the main reasons i would like other people to install ubuntu on the ps3.

    i installed it @ like 5am on monday morning and work starts at 9:30am. i have not had much time to really...
  6. Playstation 3 (PS3) - Successful Install of Ubuntu / Debian on the PS3

    hi, i was able to install Ubuntu 6.10 on the PS3.

    here are some pictures of the install:


    is anyone else interested in installing ubuntu / debian on the...
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