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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Monoprice 1060 tablet doesn't with for Ubuntu 12.04

    I grabbed fedora18 - Design-suite spin, thinking that it had 3.7 in it, but on boot found it was 3.6 - as would be expected with 3.6 it did not recognize the tablet.

    I am currently installing...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Monoprice 1060 tablet doesn't with for Ubuntu 12.04

    @Favux: I'm not quite sure how to do that.

    I tried linux-image-3.7.9-030709-generic_3.7.9-030709.201302171607_i386.deb found here, but along with the...
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    [all variants] Upgrading the kernel to 3.7

    I want to make sure that I upgrade the kernel to 3.7 in the correct way, and that I still have the option to select all previous kernels during boot as I can currently. I do not necessarily want it...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Monoprice 1060 tablet doesn't with for Ubuntu 12.04

    Any luck with this? I too have one of these tablets, assuming the tablet is this one:

    I used to have an older...
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    [ubuntu] Re: sudo apt-get install ddate ?

    an answer worth its weight in flax.

    thanks, my calendar now works again. still don't get why 12.04 had it missing..
  6. [xubuntu] Upgrade 12.04 -> 12.10 crash before cleanup

    Update and upgrades installed. System crashed before cleanup. How force remove of old DEBs, since it is now wasting 3gb of space due to crash. :/ ???
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    [ubuntu] sudo apt-get install ddate ?

    Now sad I 'upgrade' 12.xx. No ddate calendar? Displeased Eris
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Install as LiveCD and Real install mix

    Wont that be like normal install?

    But I want to install normally but have at boot time all of drive copied to RAM and then run off of RAM. Like SLAX Linux did / could do years ago.
  9. [ubuntu] Install as LiveCD and Real install mix

    Install Ubuntu to harddrive and then have on boot it load all OS onto RAM as "Ramdisk" while saving changes on shutdown of machine, how do I do this? I have more than enough ram, but slow harddrive.
  10. [ubuntu] Gnome will not load (error: power monitor?)

    After logging in Gnome, Ubuntu netbook 2D, Ubuntu netbook, and Gnome Failsafe will not load, leaving only an unresponsive background image. Fluxbox does however work fine, so that would imply its a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 32bit and Ram Usage

    That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!
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    [SOLVED] Ubuntu 32bit and Ram Usage

    There is often a cap of 4GB of RAM on a 32bit architecture using direct memory access, but there are also very spiffy and clever methods to use, albeit less efficiently, an unlimited amount of RAM....
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".

    You're out of luck
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    [all variants] Virtualized Server for learning

    What / how / etc would people recommend for creating a virtual machine version of a server for learning purposes. I want to learn and practice PHP, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, SQL and AJAX. Is there an...
  15. Re: Which coding language is the fittest for the future?

  16. [ubuntu] Launch a program from terminal for only 1 minute

    How can I launch a program from terminal and have it self-issue an x11-xkilsignal after one minute of operation?
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    [all variants] Force use of .so in folder

    How do I force the use of the lib if it is already in the folder?

    My program requires a shared library which I have put in the same folder as my program. In this situation, showing my game to a...
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    [other] Re: Computer Crashed, does not boot hd

    Works. :popcorn:

    boot_info_script is very interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

    Ok. Imaged entire HD, and key partitions. Ran into some problems with the encrypted home directory. Then it...
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    [other] Computer Crashed, does not boot hd

    Hello, I am writing this from a LiveDVD of 11.04. My machine, which is an Inspiron1501 with AMD64 dualcore crashed while running a working copy of 10.04LTS 32bit. At first Harddrived seemed...
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