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    Re: Freeglut and Qt creator

    Did you include "QT += opengl" in your file?
  2. ubuntu 13.10 how to disable AMD's RADEON card ?

    My laptop is ASUS's K54HR, with Intel i3-2350m, and AMD's graphics card RADEON HD 7470M.
    How can I disable AMD's graphic card? My system is ubuntu 13.10, 32 bit.
  3. Any software for managing android phone ?

    I want a application to manage my android phone. Manage the phone's apps and files.
    Where and how to get it ?
  4. Make a new thread for ubuntu touch or ubuntu phone ?

    I want to know something about the ubuntu touch, but I can't find a sub-forum or thread about it,:(
    the withheld should create a new sub-forum for it.:P
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    How to install apk to my android phone ?

    How can I install apk applications to my android phone ?
    I want an easy way to do this, just like one click or right click.
    Anyone know it ?
    Sorry for...
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