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  1. Re: conky 1.3.0 -- lightweight system monitor for X

    Thanks, got it working.. but it keeps flickering and giving me another error. I used the config file from here.

    But when I run it...
  2. Re: conky 1.3.0 -- lightweight system monitor for X

    So, I did

    cp /usr/share/doc/conky/examples/conkyrc.sample.gz ~/.conkyrc

    Then did gedit ~/.conkyrc and it said that it couldnt edit that file type. Is there something I didnt get when I...
  3. Re: conky 1.3.0 -- lightweight system monitor for X

    Hey all, I just got conky from synaptic. When I run conky from the terminal, it places it in the lower left hand corner, half way cut off. I dont know where my conky config file is to edit it, nor...
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    Re: HOW TO: Switch desktops in 3D view! Cool!

    Couldnt get it to work following your directions... Nothing happens when I click on the icon that is made. Is there something else you forgot to add?
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    Re: November 2005 Desktop Thread

    What themes are you using to get your panel like that? I have tried various themes from, but for the darker themes that match the background, I cant read any of the text from the...
  6. Re: Picking the Kernel thats Right for You (Possible Speed Increase)

    Is there a command to check to see if your hyperthreading has been activated and you are using it? I have a 686 installed on a P4 3.0 Ghz and need to see if I should use the 686smp(I am pretty sure...
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