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  1. Re: Help needed with Raid 5 that was working OK

    Why are you mounting the array as btrfs? It's unlikely that's what they actually are. Most consumer NAS that use Linux use XFS. This might be helpful.
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    [server] Re: Out of memory & hung server

    If you know what the application is doing and how it's doing it then you can probably tweak the behavior to be more memory efficient. If you don't want to mess with it then install more memory. Looks...
  3. Re: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 2TB SSD Drives and Software RAID5.

    ZFS would be better suited than md for this. Like darkod said, you need a UEFI or boot partition that isn't part of the RAID if you go that route.
  4. Re: Network Transfer Speed Dipping in Samba?

    This doesn't look out of the ordinary. Performance can drop for all sorts of reasons. Most likely the transfer rate is dropping because there are groups of small files which have more overhead than...
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    Re: ZFS zpool recovery

    ZFS can work with images instead of actual drives. All VDEV must be there for a pool to be imported though members of a VDEV can be missing assuming there's enough redundancy there to still function.
  6. Re: fresh install 16.04, zfs not automounting. fstab?

    You can export the pool and then just import it again and specify how you'd like to define the paths. An example command is below (tank being the name of the pool).

    sudo zpool import -d...
  7. Re: Migrate ZFS pool from Solaris 11.1 server

    When you transfer the files over to the new drive you can create a single drive pool with the new drive and use ZFS send/receive so you can keep snapshots and such just like any other ZFS pool. In...
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    [ubuntu] Re: FreeNAS to Ubuntu server

    The first GA release was over three years ago and there's been a regularly maintained PPA for Ubuntu the whole time. I've personally used it ever since the GA release on several machines, in several...
  9. Re: fresh install 16.04, zfs not automounting. fstab?

    Don't use /etc/fstab, ZFS should be mounting the pools automatically. Where are you looking for them? By default they mount to /poolname on the root. In the past when pools haven't automatically...
  10. Re: Migrate ZFS pool from Solaris 11.1 server

    Oracle went to a closed development model starting with pool version 29. Only pool version 28 and lower can be transitioned to OpenZFS (or ZFS on Linux which is what Ubuntu is using).
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Server MDADM add disk to Raid0 array

    There's a lot of FUD out there about the fragmentation. That indicator for the amount of framgentation is a new feature just within the last year or so. I think it does more harm than good people it...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Server MDADM add disk to Raid0 array

    If you'd rather use the smb.conf file you can. The Samba features in ZFS are just convenience, there's nothing special or unique about how they function. I think most people use the smb.conf since...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Server MDADM add disk to Raid0 array

    The default mount is /poolname/filesystem (or dataset instead of filesystem) which I'd stick with for ZFS because anyone who might pickup the work will expect that. Like pointed out, you can change...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Server MDADM add disk to Raid0 array

    Here's what you do with ZFS to add more drives. No waiting for reshaping or other nonsense like you have with RAID because it dynamically stripes to drives or VDEV with empty space. You could even do...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Server MDADM add disk to Raid0 array

    There's practically no reason to use RAID 0 these days. SSD has made RAID 0 obsolete. If you just need expandable storage spanning many disks look at ZFS or LVM.
  16. Re: How to transfer a file over to my server.

    The de facto way to copy one off files like that to a server is scp (secure copy) which will work on any server that you have ssh access to.
  17. Re: Boot failure on NVME drive fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04

    I suspect the motherboard doesn't support booting from a PCI Express device like NVMe unless it's from the slot dedicated for it. I would try reaching out to the motherboard manufacturer and...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu doesn't boot with new Kernel

    If booting from the old kernel still works then the SSD is unlikely the issue. Did you install any drivers from source like proprietary graphics drivers or RAID controller drivers?
  19. [ubuntu] Re: How to deal with lack of video resolution...

    What graphics card are you using and what driver? If using AMD or Nvidia graphics cards you'll get the most control over the hardware with the proprietary drivers which are not installed by default.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Software RAID

    When installing Ubuntu the software RAID can be setup during the drive partitioning section of the installer. What RAID level are you considering? You might also considering ZFS instead of Linux...
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    Re: Installing Cuda in Ubuntu 14.04

    If the machine has internet then just download the package instead of using a flash drive. Also please see my previous post. This stuff is already in the repositories for Ubuntu and you might not...
  22. Re: migration to different size array

    Given the age of the installation (and the fact that support will end less than a year from now for 12.04 LTS) I'd personally try to setup 16.04 LTS on the new server and setup applications manually...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Backup Ubuntu 14.04 and restore question

    I would call Rackspace support and ask if you can download the virtual disk image for your host. It's technically possible to do but not sure if they support it or not. That would be the most...
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    Re: Installing Cuda in Ubuntu 14.04

    Are you just trying to run applications on a server that rely on CUDA? Just install the Nvidia drivers from the official repositories. If you're trying to develop new CUDA applications and need their...
  25. Re: Is there any point in using ZFS on a desktop system?

    ZFS can be used on a desktop. It uses more memory than other file systems but you get better performance in exchange for the higher memory usage (search for information about the ARC). For the most...
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