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  1. Re: What are general rules for overloading method in java?

    As r-senior said, I think with need more information of what you're trying to achieve.
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    Re: how can I join into other developer?

    Hey, it's great that you want to collaborate with others and share your work. I think it's a great way to learn and develop your skills.

    GitHub is a great place to browse code and get involved in...
  3. Re: A Question on the RAM Usage of Ubuntu 12.04.02 32bit Desktop

    +1 to this. If its not too much inconvenience, start again with the proper architecture rather than add on a workaround.
  4. Re: Why aren't more Linux applications written in Java?

    Lol oh dear.

    Now there's a "insert template response" reply if I ever saw one...
  5. Re: Why aren't more Linux applications written in Java?

    This has nothing to do with Java.

    There are plenty of package managers thats set JAVA_HOME for you after installing Java. Crunchbang Linux is one such as example... oh yeah and that's using...
  6. Re: Why aren't more Linux applications written in Java?

    Agreed. My post did not intend to sound like people should use Java instead. By all means people should use the right tool for the job.

    However, I think people shouldn't say things like "Java is...
  7. Re: Why aren't more Linux applications written in Java?

    Another reason, is that many people (including this forum) lead other people to believe that you shouldn't use java.

    When new comers arrive in the land of Linux through the typical channels (such...
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    Re: eclipse android java xml strings

    If you think about it, it's actually a very good idea.

    What happens if you want to release this app in another country which speaks a different language? If your Strings are hard coded in the Java...
  9. Re: Do you think for each app idea you think off, which already exists, is waste of t

    I think a lot of people immediately lose motivation by thinking "ah, my idea has already been done a million times". Whilst that's true in many cases, it doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Making your...
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    Re: i think ubuntu is not a good OS for programmer

    I don't think brown leather shoes are good for walking in, I would rather choose black ones. What do you think?
  11. Thread: Wubi is no more.

    by KdotJ

    Re: Wubi is no more.

    A hundred times this.

    I understand how WUBI was 'helpful', but I think it hindered people a great deal - such as the above.
  12. Re: Java: Passing more than one parameter to Asynctask?

    Good stuff, hope the rest of the app goes well!
  13. Re: Java: Passing more than one parameter to Asynctask?

    Without looking at the rest of the code it's hard to say the best way to achieve what you want.

    - Are all of the files at the same URL?
    - Do you want to download these files concurrently?
  14. Re: Java: Passing more than one parameter to Asynctask?

    Ah ok, I thought you were using the URL for the filename (e.g. "<filename>") but you want to pass in the URL separate from the filename?

    So there are two things that come to...
  15. Re: Java: Passing more than one parameter to Asynctask?

    Just pass in a file name?

    You've already got it... just call it like:

    new DownloadFile().execute("yourFilename");

    It just uses varargs...
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    Re: Selling a low end netbook


    I use my old netbook as a web/file/build/git server and it runs just fine. Very quite and very lower power consumption.
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    [all variants] Re: Which distribution for USB flash drives?

    I'm a huge fan of CrunchBang ( which is basically Debian with a very lightweight desktop (it uses OpenBox). It's a great distro to run from a USB and idles at very low memory.
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    Re: How to use python in eclipse ?

    +1 for PyDev

    I find it very good
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    Re: [SOLVED] Why is C slower than Java?

    Then perhaps you need to go back and redesign that Java program. I struggle to see how a python implementation of a program is faster than the same program implemented in Java.
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    Re: Software programming

    How so? Not a dig, just interested to hear your experience.

    In my personal experience (note: that means I'm not saying I'm right) the maintainability has always been driven by the project design...
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    Re: Software programming

    That is a very bold statement to make
  22. Re: Can Java files from Ubuntu Eclipse work or can be exported to the Windows Eclipse

    Java will work anywhere that Java is installed... no matter what operating system. The 'compiled' .class files that are created do not run on the native operating system... they run on a Java Virtual...
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    Re: Writing my own programming language

    Had a good read of your project on the way home from work... I must say I am very impressed.

    You've gone to great lengths to do all this plus the documentation and examples etc. Completely not was...
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    Re: Cant make the table in sql

    You need to actually define your table structure (e.g. the columns and constraints etc). However, there's more to be done first... You should create a database and then select to use it. Your mysql...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to learn Ubuntu and Linux in general?

    Also just use it, you'll be surprised how much you pick up in a short amount if time. Google searches (which often lead to this forum) are always helpful.
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