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    Re: Whu does Ubuntu use so much resources

    Don't see anything close.
    With gnome-shell/mutter around 600 MB used.
    With unityshell/compiz around 525 used.
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Upgrade from 18.04 to 19.10 resulted in a mixed system

    There is a built-in method for users that don't get rid of update-notifier. They would be informed every couple of weeks that a new release, (either a next version or next lts..), was available...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Upgrade from 18.04 to 19.10 resulted in a mixed system

    I would suspect the method you choose , editing release-upgrades & then a do-release-upgrade command skipped 18.10 because it's no longer a release..
    If so then you attempted a 'dist-upgrade' on...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Keepass2 has two icons in the icon area

    what happens with this from cli, 1, 2 or no nothing?

    mono-sgen /usr/lib/keepass2/KeePass.exe
  5. Re: What App(s) you want as snap apps, currently not available as snap app?

    That ' snap provides security ... idea' seems over-extended.
    The use and anticipated use of snaps themselves created the need to confine snaps as many are 3rd party prop with no...
  6. [all variants] Re: What is the use of the SIM slot in my laptop?

    Not sure what you mean.
    Can a sim card turn your laptop into a phone? No
    Can you make calls or messaging on your laptop?
    Sure, there are apps for that.
  7. [all variants] Re: What is the use of the SIM slot in my laptop?

    It's for WWAN on your laptop , easy to search out..
    Basically it gives you mobile internet access that you can purchase from a provider.
    Pretty much like getting a tablet that can use cellular,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: libfdk-aac for FFMPEG

    Without addressing where or how you got ffmpeg, ect.., you could simply

    sudo apt-get install libfdk-aac0
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    Re: How do I install a missing library?

    Scroll down to linux section on mesa

    If using nvidia drivers also see
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 19.04 Incredibly awful screen tearing on Dell Precision 5530

    Sounds like you have issues not just releated to a lack of vsync(tearing), maybe because of a Quadro gpu ,maybe Dell, maybe both.
    You either have vsync or you don't, "glitch, freeze" have nothing to...
  11. [xubuntu] Re: which packages install files in /usr/local?

    No Ubuntu repo packages ever installed to /usr/local
    Browse /usr/local/, easy to see what's installed..
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    [ubuntu_budgie] Re: phpmyadmin missing from repository

    I doubt it
    Maybe something by 20.04??
  13. [SOLVED] Re: A start job is running for AppArmor ...itialisation (Xmin Xs / no limit)

    Maybe try temporarily disabling apparmor and see if you can boot up. You wouldn't want to do so permanently but may be a chance to fix your issues.
    You can do that either thru a tty after leaving...
  14. Re: What is the best way to go through documentation?

    At the risk of misunderstanding you, in the freeglut3 source there is a file named README.cmake
    Read it.
  15. Re: the meeting has been moved forward by 2 days

    Probably no right or wrong. I suspect most people will naturally (and maybe not consciously) see this as relative to their current space/time
    So moving forward is moving closer to their current...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Any way to fix this

    Can't really see your screenshot's text very well but I guess it may be a translation or locale? issue.
    (- though the filename you attached seems to be correct, i.e SkjŠmynd frŠ
    What is that,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is ZFS on root making it into 19.10?

    i.e - whole drive
  18. Re: What are your Likes and/or Dislikes with Ubuntu Forums

    It does feel like there has been an increase in post & ghost.
    Also aggravating is op's who strongly resist giving full story of what they did, even when obvious issue wasn't born of immaculate...
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    Re: can't resolve conflicts with apt

    Well most likely you, in some apparently unknown manner, tried to release upgrade from 16.04 to 19.04,.
    Obviously not going to work out well.

    I'd think you could, in some manner, identify all...
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    Re: Ubuntu 19.10 Beta

    Using the current image would be just fine.. or wait
    If they do decide to release a beta it''ll be on the ubuntu-announce list, nothing there as yet.
    As example from last March concerning 19.04...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Apt upgrade constantly upgrading same packages?

    if you remove oibaf driver ppa keep in mind you'll stay at the current mesa development version you have, could be fine but it is in essence just a random daily version.

    If you are tempted at...
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    [ubuntu] Re: command for comparing 2 files

    In some cases I like to use the patch format with diff. It'll create a by line number text file showing how to turn filename 1 into filename 2.
    Easy to read and view changes.

    diff -Naur ...
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    Re: Minitube 32-bit Install Issues

    Seems like a qt 5.9 issue from this commit
    If I build 3.2 on 19.10 (qt 5.12) there's no such failure.

    Filed issue, who knows..
    Edit: so gist is 3.2 and up will only work with qt-5.10+, so...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Black screen after installing xserver-xorg, no internet in recovery mode

    That would appear to be an optimus device, if so did you at any prior point attempt to enable prime sync?
    (only available in 16.04 from 16.04.3 and later image installs or if using the HWE...
  25. Thread: Docky

    by mc4man

    [xubuntu] Re: Docky

    Docky is long dead, 4+ years. The last .deb produced was for 15.10, it was copied over thru 18.10
    While if you wanted to jump thru some hoops you could actually install it in 19.10, but it"s not...
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