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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install mondo rescue on fresh Ubuntu Trusty

    Also, if you still can't find the package, you can get it directly from

    and then install the package with

    sudo dpkg -i...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install mondo rescue on fresh Ubuntu Trusty

    Try to install just the dependancies first, then mindi-busybox. After that try sudo apt-get install mindi(tab tab) and tell us what you see. It should give a list of all available packages starting...
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    Snappy Ubuntu Core General Discussion

    Hello Everyone!

    I just downloaded the new Snappy Ubuntu Core image and am running it as a VM for fun. Poking around, I am finding out left and right that it is a significantly different experience...
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    Re: Yeahhhh Ubuntu !!!

    Aaaah, the single best resource on the internet is back.... Thank you to all of the Forum Admins who acted so quickly in informing us of the problem and who worked so hard to get this site back up...
  5. Re: Removable drive for bringing shows with when traveling

    You could make a cron job for every 5 minutes that runs a script that adds and then removes an empty file.

    Make your script something like this, for the purposes of this post, lets call it...
  6. [xubuntu] Re: Stuck cursor and other annoying random issues

    Have you tried this

    I'm not trying to be patronizing here, just trying to cover all the bases.
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    [ubuntu] Re: ANYONE have clear instructions for Deluge

    Sorry, the easier way to do this is to go to System Settings>Network>Network Proxy, then select "Automatic" from the "Method" dropdown list and then enter your proxy's ip in the configuration box....
  8. [ubuntu] Re: KVM: Windows 7 applications cannot detect drive

    What software are you using to run the VM?
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    Re: Ubuntu Phone OS on Nexus 7?

    It's in the conceptual mode right now, not even in alpha development. Shuttleworth needs to talk with phone vendors to even Define the requirements as to how exactly the end product Should work....
  10. Thread: Rtl 8191su

    by helpee

    Re: RTL 8191SU I cannot manage install wireless driver!! NOOB alert!!

    You need to do the make command from in that directory, not To that directory. Life is easier if you just cd to it to begin with.
  11. Re: Problem in Gtk java : 'px' is not a valid color name

    Don't use 'px' as a color name lol

    I couldn't find any reference to a color setting in the code on that page, "" so I can't really debug it for you...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Will Not Allow Me to Set Multiple Monitors

    Way to think outside the screen ;)
  13. Re: Will this long range USB wifi adapter work well with Ubuntu?

    There's 2 ways that thing could work

    1) it has an amplifier
    2) it's a directional antenna

    Neither of those things require special drivers, the long range is just a function of the design of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ANYONE have clear instructions for Deluge

    Are you using a proxy and port forwarding, or just port forwarding? I assume you've also got firewalls on at every stage of your network.

    If you are just using port forwarding, your network...
  15. [xubuntu] Re: Stuck cursor and other annoying random issues

    What kind of hardware do you have? Do you have the graphics card, acceleration, memory for this?

    There are other ways to maximize the amount of workspace you have besides just getting bigger...
  16. Thread: Photo viewer?

    by helpee

    Re: Photo viewer?

  17. [ubuntu] Re: File Sharing on dual boot system: Ubuntu & Mint

    You can always mount the unmounted partition ( the lazy man's way ), even without the shared data partition ( the best way ). Be careful doing the lazy man's way, as you could damage your other...
  18. Re: What are some alternatives to Skype and Vonage on Ubuntu

    If you search for voip in the ubuntu software centre, there's a few alternatives :)
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    Re: Ubuntu brightness reset problem

    Did you edit it with sudo privileges or as a regular user?

    Also, why didn't you add the same line as in your link?

    instead of your path...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Multiple OS, encrypted LVM setup structure?

    A nickle's worth of free advise?

    Try this on a virtual machine first. VirtualBox is free and it's great for testing crazy and dangerous ideas before you really bung up a real machine.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't find my NAS on Home folders...

    #1, make sure you have samba installed

    sudo apt-get install samba

    I've never tried this, but you could make a symbolic link to the network location of your NAS, eg

    cd ~
    ln -s...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: Setting up Ubuntu studio for easy use

    Search the dash for Startup Applications and then add jack to that
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    Re: The Battle of the Browsers: The Race to 500

    chrome 23
  24. Thread: Display issues

    by helpee

    [ubuntu] Re: Display issues

    Man, I feel like I'm reading a greek tragedy here... sorry, bro, but it sounds like you may have a damaged video card... you might just have to go get your laptop repaired... or set up remote desktop...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No Admin Account

    To set up your root pw, the terminal command is

    sudo passwd

    Enter your sudo pw to get the temporary privledges and then enter your new *NIX pw twice as prompted.

    You said sudo does not work,...
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