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    why startx everytime I want to load VICE

    Hi Guys

    Im very new to the whole graphical side of Linux.

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.10. I am trying to run VICE on it but for some reason I need to type startx x86 (x86 is the VICE binary) to...
  2. Xorg, gnomeui xfree86, sdlui blah blah - How to build a lightweight solution

    Hi all - Little new so please bare with me.

    I'm currently working on a project using a Beagleboard XM running Ubuntu 12.10. Beagleboard obviously has limited resources. Im trying to work out...
  3. VICE - BEAGLEBOARD XM - Ubuntu 12.10 -- Custom compile

    Hi All

    This is my first post here.

    I'm trying to get VICE to run in full screen on my tv, through my beagleboard xm. THere have been a few challenges along the way but for the most part I'm...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: [beagleboard XM] resolution not supported when connecting through HDMI/DVI

    I'm using the beagleboard XM

    I use the DVI out. I am using a HDMI to HDMI to plug into my TV.

    My TV (when using HDMI cable) will not accept anything less than 1920x1080.

    BeagleBoardXM does...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Beaglebone , 12.10, LXDE = stuck on wrong resolution

    try looking in /boot/uboot/uEnv.txt

    There is a section in there which you can set your display resolution
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    [all variants] Re: Image for BeagleBoard-XM not found
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