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    Re: Enemy Territory on Ubuntu 8.04

    I got ET working the other day, but didnt actually join a server until today. I get reallly bad lag, on checking my xorg file I noticed that something is wrong. Heres the file:

    # xorg.conf (X.Org...
  2. Re: Looking for app to manage my small business

    Found CiteCRM. Looks good, about perfect really. MUCH easier and faster than creating my own. I didn't check out sugarCRM though, you using it?
  3. Re: Looking for app to manage my small business

    Looks like I will use Mysql and a couple of the database apps available for Ubuntu. I am still green with linux, but so far so good in getting that setup. I'd rather find something I wont have to put...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 8.04 dual-head (dual monitors) issue

    I'm also wanting to get my second monitor going.... actually I have 3 I used in windows... maybe eventually I can get the 3rd going. For now I would be happy with 2.

    My hardware is listed below,...
  5. Looking for app to manage my small business

    I am a computer tech and web developer. I have finally* switch to Ubuntu permanently and would like to find an application to manage clients, work orders, etc. Anyone know of a program that would do...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Howto: Install all (and latest) plugins of compiz-fusion

    The first method worked fine for me. I did have to manually install the dependencies, but once I did that everything seems to work fine. I am running 8.04 on an old ATI 9200 card.

    You may have...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Help! Remote desktop from Ubuntu to Vista that is attached to a router

    You will need to know the external IP of the Vista machine, configure the router to allow connection on the necessary ports, as well as the firewall "if any" on the Vista box. Then you will need to...
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    Re: Enemy Territory on Ubuntu 8.04

    nope. I am looking for the right package now :(

    Been playing 2-3 years now, whats UT2004?
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    Enemy Territory on Ubuntu 8.04

    I am trying to install ET and ran into an error when installing:

    user@desktop:~/Desktop$ sudo sh ./
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing Enemy Territory...
  10. Re: HowTo: Compiz Fusion in Hardy on cards with "ati"/"radeon" open source drivers

    I followed the instructions above but got this error message:

    beyond@beyond-desktop:~$ compiz --replace
    Checking for Xgl: not present.
    Detected PCI ID for VGA: 02:02.0 0300: 1002:5960 (rev 01)...
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    [ubuntu] ATI issues on Ubuntu 8.4

    This is a fresh install of 8.4 on a ATI 9200 based graphics card. (SOLVED)

    I want to install the best driver for this card so I can use beryl and play 3d games. I went to install the 8.28.8 driver...
  12. Re: HOWTO: Surf and IM anonymously using tor and privoxy

    Thought i'd dig up this old thread in hopes of someone else with Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1.6 "Gnarley Gnome" who has successfully installed Tor and Privoxy.

    Anyne know how I could go about...
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    Re: Minor issue with enemy territory

    I thought that was it, the option for full screen was not enabled, but even after enabling it wouldnt run in "full screen", just expanded where I could still view the taskbar. Thinking maybe my ATI...
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    Minor issue with enemy territory

    I managed to install et will little problem, except it wont maximize on screen. Im on Ubuntu 7.10 (gusty). Know its something simple..any idea what it could be?
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