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  1. [ubuntu] Re: cloud based x.509 certificate authority

    Most people forget that there is another important piece to this... a "certificate," as most refer, is short for "trusted certificate", which means that is was verified by a trusted source. That...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Xen crashes entire server when creating a virtual machine

    Sent you a PM early this AM. Got back from holiday late last night. In the process of pulling my Tyan offline right now and another server back online in it's place.

    Once that is done, will get...
  3. Re: Virtualization on ARM Chromebook via QEMU-KVM

    Reformatted so that others may be able to read the original post easier:

    Reformatted in a organised and logical format, it may be easier for others to follow, read and understand what you were...
  4. [server] Re: Unable to connect to internet using bridge network in virtualbox

    Trying to not take anything for granted, so:

    1. What is the host operating system that you have virtualbox installed on?

    2. What version of Ubuntu server do you have installed as a guest?

  5. Sticky: [all variants] Re: Graphics Resolution- Upgrade /Blank Screen after reboot

    Glad that it helped.

    Sorry about my late response. I have been on vacation, where no internet existed. Hard to imagine that a place where that is possible still exists today! Part of what makes...
  6. Re: LXC: access to container from web based on user name

    The first post is a bit vague for me to answer in any detail.

    On the one hand, this could be taken as wanting to provide remote access to an unprivileged container by unprivileged users. Yes,...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: ESXi: deleted NIC, added new one - now I have no connectivity

    (Back home now...)

    Yes, what TheFu said.. but more specifically, you said it was "ens160" when the device is showing up as "ens33".
  8. Re: Move LVM based VMs from old KVM server to new KVM server

    To me, what you are saying is missing is just another extension to what he suggested. If you have a storage framework , you need to adjust and adapt to your own framework-- whether the existing...
  9. Re: LXC unprivileged container - Not able to create on Ubuntu 16.04

    Please, as per forums policy, go back to your posts and edit them to enclosed all output and/or commands within code tags. I note about changing the fonts type or sizes of fonts within a post, is...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: vmware workstation 10 not loading on new ubuntu 16.04.01

    So for clarity, the problem with VMware Workstation 10 not loading Ubuntu 16.04 with VMware Tools version 10... as the toolset did not support Ubuntu 16.04. The solution was to use a version VMware...
  11. Re: Ubuntu Studio in Virtualbox - Jackd problems

    On one side, I thought it was a challenge to find a way to check jack states in a VM Guest isolated from the host's hardware. A jack is not a common item to check the state of... There were many who...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Glitch on terminal visualization when open in a specific folder


    Okay... Need more info. This is a Virtualization Support Section. Which would imply that you are using some kind of Hypervisor Host to run a VM Guest.

    So, off the top of my head, the...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Xen crashes entire server when creating a virtual machine

    Not yet. My non-Vt-x Xen Experiments have been podtponed for about another week or so.. sorry about not keeping you posted on that... My board like yours is still plugging a hole in my fabric until...
  14. Re: LXC unprivileged container - Not able to create on Ubuntu 16.04

    The link you posted... as DougS suggested, use the Ubuntu Server Guide for reference. There are also 2 wiki pages that go into more detail.

    This is 2 points that I see right off from the...
  15. Re: 16.04/15.10 LXC not able to start unprivileged container


    I see your own separate thread with the same (duplicate) post. You'll be taken care there...
  16. Re: How do I configure the GUI to NOT load automatically on startup. (Ubuntu Serv. 16

    +1 with MastaBlasta.

    I have a minimum X (instance-load) installed on some of my servers for admin tools on those specific servers, but I use OpenBox (with no logon manager). That is the lightest...
  17. Sticky: [all variants] Re: Graphics Resolution- Upgrade /Blank Screen after reboot

    So you say you have no Graphical Login and cannot get to text console? But from your post, you do get to see the Grub menu right?

    On your question, to get to the recovery console, at the Grub2...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Virtualbox UEFI 16.04 Issue

    Glad it all worked out. If you could please return ti this thread > Upper right of page link "Thread Tools" > Link "Mark Thread As Solved"... which will help others to find answers to their similar...
  19. Re: ubuntu 14.04 server kvm nested virtualization guest microsoft server 2016 ver5

    So this is working for you now?
  20. Re: VM Ubuntu on a 2nd drive with Windows user settings

    The point not mentioned, to ensure ask that would be for me to ask if you have installed some kind of vierualization software yet-- such as Hyper-v, VMWare Pkarer or Workstation, or VirtualBox. The...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: virtualbox kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)

    If you were logged in while looking at that menu, the last line should be that option... 2 lines under the "subscribe/unsubscribe" line
  22. Re: How do I configure the GUI to NOT load automatically on startup. (Ubuntu Serv. 16

    Please read what you are linking to...You are correct, but it is not a systemd setting. It is just appending "text" to the kernel boot line as a kernel boot option. (via the grub2 /etc/default/grub...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: virtualbox kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)

    Great. If you sould please revisit this thread > Select the link in the upper right of the page marked as "Thread Tools" > Select "Mark thread as Solved"

    This helps others (later), to help them...
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    Re: Pokemon Go on Android via Virtualbox

    The challenge in doing something like that would then be to use a hypervisor where you can do USB pass-through... to be able to use a USB GPS on the host, accessed by your VM Guest. I have one that...
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    Re: ssd trim on Ubuntu 16.04 server

    Thought that someone would surely jump in and help, but.. no matters:

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