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    [ubuntu] Wireless options vanished!?

    My Wireless options have vanished. I have no idea why. It's like Ubuntu thinks I don't even have a wireless card anymore.

    I've been using wireless very happily for several days now after solving...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Wireless Randomly Dropping / Random Slowdowns


    Go to this link:

    Download for your cpu and follow the README instructions. The README instructions tell you how to build the...
  3. [SOLVED] Wireless Randomly Dropping / Random Slowdowns

    Please please help! I've spent many hours on the forums and am totally confused about what to do/try. I've tried a few things but nothing seems to work.

    I just did a fresh install of 64bit 10.10...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Dell 1545 - Wireless connection drops after a couple of minutes

    Me Too.

    Dell Precision m2400
    Ubuntu 10.10 fully updated
  5. Re: How to Compile Pidgin with Plugins from Source in Intrepid Ibex

    Should I remove or purge pidgin before attempting this? or does it matter?
  6. [all variants] Re: ssh with keys into two domains on one server


    I have no idea why, but it's working now.

    Best I can figure the IP coming back from the DNS was flopping around still, and I just got lucky with my manual nslookups? no idea.
  7. [all variants] ssh with keys into two domains on one server

    I've got a server and I've set up two different domains ( and to point to its IP. I've generated a key pair on my local machine and put the public key in my .ssh/authorized_keys file on...
  8. Re: HOW-TO: Gaim-Rhythmbox plug-in installation.

    ditto-- same issue for me as well on heron

    what i did:
    make sure rhythmbox and pidgin are closed
    got pidgin-rhythmbox-2.0
    make install
    checked plugin in pidgin
  9. [ubuntu] Re: 'p' key no longer works in terminal window

    nevermind-- didn't realize terminal windows had their own shortcuts-- found a 'p' shortcut in there (not sure how in the world it got there though)
  10. [ubuntu] 'p' key no longer works in terminal window

    My 'p' key no longer works in the terminal window. :(

    Every other letter works fine as does Shift-p to generate 'P', but when i press 'p' nothing happens. This is only true for the terminal...
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    Re: HOW-TO: Swap Caps Lock and Escape

    This works except for the annoying fact that the CapsLock light is still being governed by actual CapsLock presses instead of ESC presses (which would make more sense after the remapping). Is there...
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    Error on Cube install

    Trying to install Cube on Dapper:
    sudo sh cube_unix

    gives this error:
    ./bin_unix/linux_client: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file...
  13. RadRails setup really this painful? help...

    let me bring you up to speed

    0) installed ubuntu, and ruby and rails..

    1) then i installed sun java and set it to be default

    2) then i installed eclipse with synaptic, but it was still using...
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