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    Re: Finish learning python or learn C++

    Most people would probably tell you to start with C++ since that is what your university uses. However, I would advise you to stick with Python for the time being. Now, the syntax to python is a bit...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Updating.....just a little?

    I would suggest a backup and reinstall. I used the upgrade utility to go from 14.04 to 16.04, and it destroyed my X configuration, and possibly a few other things (I wasn't paying absolute attention...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Visual Studio Clone

    First off, you are getting some slightly misunderstood advice (I believe). As it stands currently, it appears that, at least in some distros, Visual Studio 2010 express edition has been successfully...
  4. Re: need to use php 5.6 on 16.04 but can't get it to stop using 7.0

    Check your apache or nginx configurations. It is entirely possible that your bash profile is set to php 7 but your webserver is using php 5.6. I deal with this all the time on my Mac only in reverse....
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    Re: c++, python next?

    There is no good answer to this and everyone is going to give you a multitude of answers. I am going to make the assumption that you have mastered the basics of OOP, and simply ask the following:
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    Re: Which Ubuntu Distribution does what?

    Welcome to Ubuntu,

    While not being a Linux Guru by any stretch of the imagination, I can tell you that judging from your experience, the only main difference you will notice is what the names...
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    Re: System problem with freezing

    I have to second this. I think another problem might be the integrated GPU. I am not certain that GPU would have the umph (for lack of a better technical word jumping to mind), However, this is only...
  8. Thread: Python

    by tdawgf

    Re: Python

    Since the poster above answered the question of why Ubuntu is not running the latest version of Python, I will tackle the second part. There are some differences between the two, and those...
  9. Re: I LOVE's so easy to install (and use!)

    It was a K7 I believe. The processor was a beast in it's day, but the video card... not so much. As for Macs. There is actually value to the Mac, especially over Windows. The hardware is more...
  10. Re: I LOVE's so easy to install (and use!)

    Welcome to the community Mike,

    I won't say I have never had problems, but all my problems were predominantly hardware related. They also disappeared as Ubuntu matured. The only massive problem I...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Best flavour of Ubuntu for 6 year old machine

    I would also have to second Lubuntu. I am unsure as to the state of drivers for your onboard card. I do know that Ubuntu will run on single core PCs, though I highly recommend a lighter distribution....
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    Re: Is a GPU needed?

    I hope that someone wouldn't insult you. Not everyone knows about or even cares about hardware. The same is true for software. I think it is a great testament to the ease of use of Ubuntu and modern...
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    Re: Why is the GET request called so?

    There are several different HTTP Verbs.

    With Rest API's POST is used when the client needs to create data in the system. A simple example would be when a user creates a new account on a website or...
  14. Seperation Of Business Logic From Services for Web API

    I am currently aiding in the creation of a set of Web API's for a piece of Enterprise software, and I am running into an issue.

    I have a question on how to properly approach the separation of a...
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    Re: Need Macintosh Purchase Advice

    I have actually been considering this option but (at least here) The difference is so negligible that I can't justify buying one used. They are expensive, however, they really come loaded too. I was...
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    Need Macintosh Purchase Advice

    Hello everyone,

    I hope I got this in the right forum link (I don't really post all that often just in large blocks). It didn't seem to fit in the hardware forum since it seemed related to Ubuntu...
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    Re: will finally support Linux!

    I am really happy to see this. It seems that support from Indies and things like the humble bundle really opened a lot of eyes. This is one of the reasons I like the Unity engine for their easy Linux...
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    Re: Wine and .NET (mono)

    I can't be certain but this line has me wondering something. I think the program you are attempting to run uses WPF due to this error:

    File name: 'PresentationFramework'

    If that is the case,...
  19. Re: On what programing language is written Ubuntu?

    This is true. Unless we are misunderstanding what you mean. If you are wanting to help with actual Ubuntu, then what I suggest is you a program that you really like. One that is similar to your...
  20. Re: First time experiences and concerns with Ubuntu 13.10

    I really have to second robin7. My first Linux distro was back in the Mandrake 9 days, so by that standard every release in Ubuntu feels tremendously stable to me. That being said, I have noticed...
  21. Re: Need Advice on Multiple Objects of the Same Class in Ruby

    Well, I tried it, but unfortunately for me it is not working. I have an array of unique block class objects. I just have no clue how to call their respective draw methods.
  22. Re: Need Advice on Multiple Objects of the Same Class in Ruby

    /facepalm I feel stupid now. Don't know why I didn't think of that, but thank you so much. I am gonna try that out here later.
  23. Need Advice on Multiple Objects of the Same Class in Ruby

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I am currently trying to create a breakout clone with rubygame. One thing has me stumped and I am unsure of how to approach it. I need to create...
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    [SOLVED] Re: XNA Ogre Battle Style Project.

    I ended up just starting with some tutorials and SDL. I like it so far. Not really hard at all, I just have to get used to including all the libs and which is needed for what purpose. I love having...
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    [SOLVED] XNA Ogre Battle Style Project.

    Hi all,

    After work I have been going over to a friends house and he has been letting me use his desktop so that I could goof around with XNA and C#. I had been making a little ogre battle like...
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